Sunday, May 19, 2013

Down to You by M. Leighton

** 5 OMG/In Love/ Amazing/ Crazy Stars of 5 **


Gah…where do I start?  This book was AWESOME!  The twist alone deserves and extra star!  Amazing writing, amazing characters, amazing story, and amazing twist.  I can not wait to start the next book! 
So Olivia falls for two different men…twins!  She has feelings for both.  She meets Cash in his club and thinking he’s a stripper for her friend’s bachelorette party starts to strip him.  She gets his shirt off before she realizes he’s not the stripper.  Nash is Olivia’s cousin’s boyfriend.  Cash is the bad boy with the motorcycle and tattoos.  He’s everything she has sworn to stay away from and everything she can’t stay away from.  Nash is the perfect boyfriend, rich, talented, and safe.  He’s everything she wants but can’t have. 

There is a lot of sex in this book and it’s hot.  She is with Nash in his office, then one of them in her bed, then Cash everywhere else.  She sleeps with one in her bed and doesn’t even know which brother it is.  She wants them both but in the end she knows it will end up being Cash because she’s drawn to the bad boy. 
There is a twist that comes and I never saw it coming.  I mean I knew something wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  It blew me away.  I had to stop reading and just take it in for a minute.


She spends the weekend with Cash at her father’s house.  They get wrapped up in each other and at the end of the weekend she comes home.  What does she do?  She calls Nash and he comes running.  She literally throws herself at him.  When he pushes her back he looks hurt and she can’t understand why.  Eventually she sends Nash home when it becomes obvious Cash is the one she wants.  He just smiles and leaves and doesn’t look back.  You do find out during that conversation that it was Nash that she slept with.  This threw me off.  I couldn’t understand why he was hurt that she threw herself at him.  Then I got the surprise of my life.

It turns out that Cash…is Nash.  Yes you read right.  They are one in the same…one person.  Cash’s brother and mother were killed in a boating accident and Cash has spent 7 years pretending to be both brothers so that his dad didn’t get a 2 murder charges since the police think he killed them. 

Olivia leaves and won’t talk to him for awhile but eventually they have it out and he tells her that he is giving up his “Nash” side, broke up with his girlfriend, and he’s just Cash.  He only wants her, not to help him or to use her.  He just wants  to be with her.  He won’t put a name on the emotion but he’s head over heels in love with her and she loves him back.  At the end of the book she packs her bags and goes to his place where he’s waiting at the door for her.

I can not wait for the next book.  I’m starting as soon as I finish this review!  I would recommend this book to anyone!  Read it!! Now!

My Cash/Nash and Olivia

Favorite quotes:

“I pull away to speak, but he puts his finger over my lips. "Shhh, just let me love you, okay? Don't think. Just feel.”

You’ve never ridden a motorcycle before?”
“What kind of bad-boy girlfriend are you?” I ask in mock dismay. 
“Evidently a terrible one.”
I swing onto the bike and grab my only helmet. “Nah, you just haven’t met the right bad-boy.”

“But you don’t get social with your employees,” I remind him quietly. 
“I’ll make an exception for you.” His face is getting close and closer. Slowly. A centimeter at a time.
“But it’s your rule.”
“I’ll break it for you,” he whispers.
“No, don’t do that,” I say breathlessly. 
“Fine, then you’re fired,” he says just as his lips meet mine.