Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley


Oh.My.God…I don’t even know where to start.  My brain is fried, my eyes refuse to stop watering, I need a nerve pill, and I can’t stop smiling.  I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m nuts.  I've been through every emotion possible today.  Hands down, this book deserves 6 stars.  I've never rated over a five but this one deserves another one because of the music!

Let me say this first…THE MUSIC MAKES THIS BOOK!!!  The book is phenomenal without the music but the music, oh wow.  I stopped reading and listened to every song. 

I know I’m all about spoilers, and they will be here but I just need to rave and rave about Katie Ashley and Music of the Heart.  Amazing, amazing job!  I am officially blown away!

Here is the PLAYLIST...I suggest downloading it and listening while you read!
Someone Like You-Adele
Tears of Heaven-Eric Clapton
In Loving Memory-Alter Bridge
Don’t You Wanna Stay-Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean
If I Die Young-The Band Perry
Angel Band-The Stanley Brothers
Beam Me Up-Pink
Great Escape-Pink
I Need You-Tim McGraw/Faith Hill
This isn't all of them...just the ones I listened to but  there are others referenced in the book.

OK so this is the story of a rock star named Jake and a singer named Abby aka Angel.   Abby is trying to find her brother’s tour bus and ends up on the wrong bus and then accidentally falls in Jake’s bed.  Thinking she’s a groupie, he tries to seduce her and she knees him in a rather sensitive place.  They don’t get off to a great start at all.  He thinks she’s a sheltered, pampered princess.  She thinks he’s an egotistical, womanizing, man whore.  This leads to a bet…yes a bet.  He bets her she can’t last a week on Runaway Train’s tour bus (Jake’s band) and out of spite she decides she will prove him wrong come hell or high water.  They are both attracted to each other but refuse to admit it.

During dinner the first night another bet is made and then she proceeds to do a rather naughty version of Like a Virgin to prove a point.  It was really funny.  He admits that he would like to get to know her better and she agrees.  He then proceeds to a supply closet with a waitress (I wanted to throw my kindle).  Anyway, the book moves on and he treats her horribly throughout a lot of the first half of the book.  He has a groupie named Bree (this is the girl he thought she was in the beginning) and he even goes to the point to take her on the bus and have sex with her while Abby listens from the other room.  Joke’s on him though when he accidentally yells Abby’s name at the end of it.  I laughed so hard at this.
One thing that needs to be noted early on is that Jake’s mother has cancer and she’s only been given several months to live.  This is a very huge part of the book.  Jake and Abby’s relationship progresses and they grow closer, splitting up for a few pages then they reunite. 

At about 80% Bree shows up at Jake’s door and he turns her away (He’s head over hills for Abby at this point).  Later that night, Bree attacks Abby in the parking lot of the band’s show almost killing her.  She sure has a lot of rage for a groupie.  She literally almost beats her to death.  Abby ends up in the hospital and then has to recuperate at Jake’s ranch.  He has a lot of guilt over her beating and it causes some problems but they move past it.  Once Abby has healed she goes back on tour with her brothers while Jake stays home with his sick mother.

AJ, a band mate of Jake’s, calls her and asks her to come and she does.  Jake is not very inviting when she arrives at the ranch.  He says some terrible things to her.  Horrible things.  I cried and cringed…cried because he was hurting.  She slaps him in the face and then runs out.  Before she can get down the drive way, he runs after her.  On his knees, he begs for her forgiveness.  He explains why he said it, and that he didn't mean any of it, and then begs her not to leave him.

“She’s going to leave me. Please say you’ll stay—even though I don’t deserve you.”
(Broke my heart!!! I cried for at least 20 minutes)

After they smooth everything over he takes her to see his mom.  I continued to cry for another 30 minutes because of this scene.  His mom tells him he’s got to let her go and the conversation broke my heart. 
Anyway, there is a happy ending.  He proposes and she accepts of course.  Honestly by the end of the book I didn't care if he proposed or not.  I just wanted them together and I wanted him to be ok.  I have NEVER hurt for a character the way I did for him.  Once again, an amazing book!

Here are my Jake/Abby…