Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn

**5 Fantastic/Amazing/Mind Blowing Stars of 5**

This book was H.O.T!!  Wow, I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  I met Brian in Unleashed but I have to admit I didn't like him.  Because of that I almost didn't read this book.  I’m glad I did.  The writing was amazing, the connection between Brian and Candace was amazing, and the sex was HOT!!

Brian is a tattoo artist who owns his own shop.  He’s got tattoos all over him, he’s pierced…everywhere;) He has hang ups about his image.  People don’t accept him and it’s never really been an issue what other’s thought until Candace.  He likes that she doesn't care about the tattoo, that she actually likes them. He’s edgy, dark, but a good and honest guy who falls in love before he even realizes it has happened.

Candace has led a sheltered life. She’s a virgin. Her parents are horrible people who keep her under lock and key, determine her path in life, who she dates, and threaten to take it all away if she doesn’t abide by their rules.  She was looking for a way to rebel when she steps into Brian’s tattoo parlor.  She gets more than she bargained for!

This relationship isn’t easy.  She tries to hide it from her parents (she’s scared of her mother) and Brian doesn’t deal with it well.  Her parents know him because he dated Candace’s cousin Michelle for a year.

“But I’d rather look back and regret something I did when I was young and crazy, than look back and regret something I never had the courage to do, and realize it’s too late.” 

Candace is looking for a way to rebel from her parents on her birthday so she decides to get a tattoo.  She knows Brian from her cousin Michelle so she goes to his tattoo parlor to get one.  The entire time he is working on it she is about to come off the table.  She wants him so bad it hurts but he’s completely professional.  When she leaves the tattoo parlor she, on a whim, gives him her number “just because” and he actually keeps it which is something he never does. 

A few days later she is out with her friends and he calls her.  He’s in the movie store they are about to go into and he sees her so he calls.  She makes a complete fool of herself and he sees the whole thing.  It’s a pretty funny part of the book.  She walks over and they talk.  They decide to watch a movie at her place.  As the movie goes on they both want each other but neither is making a move. They fall asleep and when they wake up in the middle of the night things change.  They start messing around (he picks her up and she wraps her legs around him.  He carries her to her room.  This is HOT…oh the image I have in my head!)  Once in there, he figures out pretty quick that she’s a virgin and he refuses to go further.  Knowing he’s hurt her, he pleasures her and then she returns the favor. He doesn’t leave afterwards because she wants him to stay.

After the perfect night, her mom shows up the following morning.  She tells him he’s got to leave and he gets extremely mad and stalks away.  He has no intention of returning.  He’s got issues with they way others see him.  He can’t stand the thought that she might be ashamed of him.  She tells her mother about him as they leave the apartment and it doesn’t go well. 

After a she stalks him to a bar, then after a heavy make out session, she tells him she can’t see him anymore and he leaves angry.  She’s messed up and he’s angry but they don’t try to work it out, they just stay away from each other.  There seems to be a communication problem with them a lot of the time but.  After some time has passed and all of her family, including Michelle, knows who she is dating, she runs into him at a store.  It’s the day of her cousin’s wedding.  He’s about to take off with his buddies to try and forget her but instead talks her into going with him not knowing she’s going to blow of the wedding to do it.  She agrees but they are just calling it hanging out.

Their plan had been not to call this a date, but God, he wanted to. He wanted to run straight to her side, wrap his arm around her shoulders and introduce her to his friends as his. His date, his woman, his girlfriend…hell, whatever title she would allow him to put on her.

I felt for him.  It’s so obvious he loves her, and she loves him.  She just can’t seem to get over the issues with her family.  After a very funny and embarrassing conversation with his friends they head to a concert and they proceed to do some very dirty things standing in the middle of the crowd (it was hot!).  Knowing where it’s headed, they change their sleeping arrangements and head to a hotel.  Her virginity is no more once they leave the next morning.  Speaking of leaving, she’s got one heck of a mess to clean up when she gets home.  Screaming in sues, punches are thrown, tattoo shops are smashed and torn apart, Brian is charged with assault, and they break up…again.  Fast forward to Maci, her best friend, witnessing the parlor being vandalized and she sees him again but she leaves him again. 

At the end he goes and talks to her parents.  The charges are dropped and her parents ask her to come to dinner to meet someone.  She agrees only to dinner and plans to ignore the guy her parents are trying to set her up with.  The guy turns out to be Brian and they make up.  The book ends with him piercing her belly button.

Just so everyone knows…there is a novella out “Light me Up” that is the epilogue to Rock me.  It’s short but a good ending to their romance. 

This is one of my FAVORITE books.  I’ve read it so many times!  I would recommend it to anyone who loves pierced, tattooed bad boys. 

Here is my Brian/Candace

Favorite quotes:

“Please don’t' look at me like that," she said.
"How am I looking?"
"Like your heart is breaking."
"It is, sunshine.” 

Do you love this girl?"
"I'm f***ing crazy about her."
"F***ing crazy I've gathered. But I asked if you love her. I asked if you'll say the words. I'm talking true, enduring, unconditional, hold her hair while she's puking from morning sickness love."
"Hell, yes, I'll say the words! I love her. I told her I love her. I'll hold any frigging thing she wants me to."