Monday, May 13, 2013

Unravel Me by Kendall Ryan

**4 Stars of 5**

Unravel me was a great read.  This book grabbed me at page one and held me until the very end.  It is a short book (only took me 5 hours to read it) and the writing style was amazing.


So the book begins with Ashlyn talking on the phone with her best friend Liz.  She gets an email from her professor about her Thesis paper.  She is studying the effects of Amnesia.  There is a man in a hospital who can't remember anything about his life including his name.  She agrees to meet with his doctor and decides to study him.  There is a catch though...

"There's one hitch though."

"What's that?"

"He's under arrest for a murder he has no recollection of committing."

So we meet Logan.  He is a beautiful man with two tattoos (Yummy!), one of which says "Logan".  They decide to call him Logan since he can't remember who he is knowing that this isn't his real name.  The two form a friendship while she goes to see him everyday for several weeks.  Once Logan is released from the hospital and all charges are dropped, Ash finds him in a park sleeping on a park bench.  She takes him home since he obviously doesn't have any money or nowhere to stay.  He's upfront with her and tells her he doesn't want any kind of relationship because he's not ready for it at this point.  (Who's he kidding??  He can't live in a small apartment with a woman he's insanely attracted to and keep it platonic!)  So he gets a job and they get into a routine and everything is going fine.  He still doesn't have his memory but he's having nightmares and begins to paint what he sees in his dreams.  Eventually he makes the move from the couch to her bed because of the dreams.

He friend sets her up on a date and she goes.  Logan doesn't have a lot to say about it until he walks in to them kissing on her couch.  Things between them cross a line

"I'm done fighting myself.  And my willpower is shot after seeing you with that tool."

So with willpower gone they move things to the next stage.  After they have sex, he begins painting an image of a woman.  She becomes jealous because he remembered this girl while he was making love to Ashlyn.  To make a long story short.  This girl is his ex-girlfriend and her name is Logan.  They dated for 3 years but she had a drug problem.  He ended it because of this.  It's also what he was doing at the warehouse the night of the murder.  We learn that his name is actually Aiden and he is an Art History Professor.

He leaves 2 times.  The first because they witness a drug deal and the buyer knows him.  He doesn't want Ashlyn to be a part of that lifestyle if that's where he comes from.  He comes back 4 days later looking worse for the wear.  The only thing he learned while he was gone was that he missed her.  Logan shows up at their door at the 80% mark and he leaves for the second time.  He is gone for a month this time.

The Ending:
After being gone for a full month, while Ashlyn thinks it's because he went back to his ex, he returns.  He explains that he wants Ashlyn but he if he could understand the things he couldn't remember then he could be a full man for her.  They end up back at her apartment and have hot sex on the floor.  Afterwards, it seems that her best friend stood there and watched the whole thing.  (I laughed at the line from her best friend!  It was a funny moment in the book.)  Liz gets on him pretty bad but he makes sure she understands he's not going anywhere again...

"You planning on sticking around this time?" Liz asked, fixing him with her gaze.

"I'll marry her tomorrow if she'll let me," he answered

He then proposes to her and she says yes :)

This really was a great book and i did enjoy it.  The only problems I had with it were it didn't give enough background into Ashlyn's past and it just wasn't long enough.  I would have like an epilogue or something.  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read with a HEA.

So here are my choices for Aiden and Ashlyn...

Favorite line...

Selfless, I know.  Mother-friggin-Teresa, right here.  
(From Ashlyn's inner monologue)