Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Needful Heart by J.M. Madden

** 3.5-4 Stars **


Matt Calvin has watched Gina’s beautiful behind sway up and down the doctor’s office hallway once a month for four long years, and it’s time to do something about his fascination. He’s not relationship material, but he doesn’t expect it to get that far. He just wants to talk to her, man to woman, and put himself out of his misery once and for all. Things never go as planned, though, and when fantasy crashes and burns into reality, Gina pays the price.

Gina doesn’t blame Matt for her injury, but she is appreciative when he steps into her crazy life to help out. Proximity fires sudden attraction between them and Gina can’t believe she’s overlooked the sexy carpenter for this long. Tattooed and intimidating, he’s not the type she’s normally drawn to, but something about him tugs at her heartstrings. 

When an explosive situation develops and they have to save a little boy, Matt loses control of his tightly held anger. Though his heart aches, Matt walks away, both for Gina’s safety and his own sanity. It’s up to Gina to convince him love can heal any heartache.

Well A Needful Heart...this book was good.  I won't say great but it was good.  It's pretty short and it moves fast.  The entire book takes place in a little over a week.  The writing style is easy to follow and I don't remember any editing errors.  It was refreshing in a way.  I've been on an alpha male kick lately and this book was anything but.  Actually, Matt was anything but.  

Matt is a BIG guy.  Lumberjack comes to mind when I think of him...even down to the flannel red and white checked shirt.  He's got a lot going on in his head.  He struggles a lot.  His father beat his mother until she took off, leaving his father to beat on him instead.  He thinks that because his father is that way, he will be too.  He's never known love and he's never done relationships.  He's just never really known a need for them until he meets Gina.  He's tortured and withdrawn...plus he has tattoos.  I have a thing for men like this.

Gina is a nurse in a doctor's office where Matt takes his elderly neighbor once a month.  She pretty.  She's got a very big heart and she's got a heart for abused children.  It's her nature to help people.  I really liked her.  

 To summarize...one wants to move forward and the other doesn't know how.

Matt takes his neighbor to the doctor once a month and has been doing so for 4 years.  He has watched Gina and wanted to talk to her since the first visit.  He's shy and withdrawn so he's never actually had the courage to talk to her.  This is enduring to me because so many books I read now, the man demands the girl go with him or whatever.  It was nice to see a man who was having a hard time talking to a girl.  He finally decides that he's going to speak to her and goes to talk to her.  He's standing in a doorway and she comes flying through it not paying attention and slams into him.  He tries to catch her but misses and she takes a nasty fall and breaks her wrist in the process.

Matt takes her to and from the hospital and then takes her home.  He takes care of her and cooks her dinner.  The next day she goes to hug him when he brings her car home and somehow manages to take him and the banister on the stairs down.  Now he has an excuse to be around her.  So he's now coming on a daily basis working on her stairs.

As a side story we learn about a 9 year old named Gabe.  He lives across the street with his abusive uncle.  Gina's house is a safe haven for him.  They have a plan in place for his safety should it ever be needed.  She whistles out the window every night to check on him.  They are close.  His first meeting with Matt doesn't go well in the beginning but they quickly grow on each other.

To make a long story short, they begin falling for each other.  She realizes she loves him but know's he isn't anywhere near ready for it.  She tries taking things slow but seeing as how it only takes a week and a half for the book to finish, it's not moving slow at all.

They go to her parents for the night.  He's perfect but her mom has it in her head that she needs to be with a doctor or something and invites one to the barbecue   It's an uncomfortable meeting for awhile but comes back to normal rather quickly.  She tells him she loves him and he freaks out.  Before they can really talk about it, she gets a call from Gabe and they have to go home.  

Gabe is in his secret place and she runs into her house to get him only to find the drunk uncle in her house.  He slams her into the wall and Matt goes crazy.  He beats the guy pretty bad.  Then the cops mistake him for the other guy and have him in handcuffs before Gina can get the situation under control.  He takes all this in and decides he can't be with her.  It's the whole "my dad was a hitter, so i'm naturally a hitter" mentality rearing it's ugly head.

It takes about a week, seeing her in the office, and an old neighbor willing to do what needs to be done to get him to her house.  But in the ends they both agree to try and end up together.

There is an epilogue that is written separate from the book.  It shows him buying an engagement ring and him asking her to marry him.  We learn that Gabe lives with her full time and that Matt pretty much does. He still has his house but he never goes there anymore.  She says yes to his proposal of course.

So it wasn't the best book I've ever read but then again if you like your books short and to the point then you will love this.  I just tend to like my books with a little more angst and drama.  I enjoyed it but I just needed a little more action ;)

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