Monday, June 3, 2013

Heartstrings by Hadley Danes

**  3.5 out of 5 Stars **


She's made all the right choices, and always plays it safe, she's a good girl and a Registered Nurse for Christ's sake.

As Julia prepares to settle in for another typical 12-hour shift in the ER, she's ready to handle anything...That's before Slade Hale rolls into her life...on a stretcher surrounded by 15 doctors and nurses.

To her he's just another patient, and a cocky asshole Rock Star with an ego. Or at least that's what she thinks. 

When she's assigned to be his personal nurse, Julia suddenly feels out of her comfort zone. Slade is the most beautiful man she's ever seen in person and even in his vulnerable condition he seethes of raw sex appeal. When he starts to wake up, that's when the real trouble begins...Julia desperately attempts to fight his charm and wit, to stay professional, to keep the upper hand...

But she's no match for this man. He's untouchable and he can have whatever he wants. He knows it and she knows it. Will Julia risk everything...her career, her life, and her heart...all for a Rock Star?

So this was a great book.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I couldn't put it down!  It had a few typo's in it but overall it was interesting, emotional, and heartwarming.  It has a great writing style and the characters are easy to get to know and to fall in love with.  So why did I only give it 3.5 stars?  Well, honestly because the ending sucked!  BIG TIME!  It ruined the entire book for me.  The sad thing is, I knew from the reviews it wasn't gonna make me happy.  I thought what the heck, it's about a rock star.  I'll read it anyway.  I mean you have a hot rock star who is injured and needs to be taken care of, what's not to love right?!  Well the ending, that's for sure.  It does not end in a cliff hanger, I want to make sure I say that.  

Slade is a gorgeous rock star with long black curls.  He's toned, very tall and beautiful.  He has an accident while at a concert and ends up having surgery which lands him under the care of Julia.

Julia is a nurse who works the night shift in the er.  She beautiful but doesn't see herself that way.  She has few friends, only the ones she's made at the hospital.  She works hard and takes her job very seriously.  She lives alone in her apartment with her cat but maintains that she's not quite a cat lady just yet.

While under her care they get to know each other.  It's a rough start at the beginning.  He's cocky and condescending   He has the typical rock star persona about him.  She can't stand him from the moment he opens his mouth.  She refuses to put up with his crap.  Of course this is the reason he falls for her.  He's never heard anyone tell him no before so he immediately respects her.  She falls for him because of the man underneath the outward appearance though there's nothing  at all wrong with the way he looks.  Over the two days he's in the hospital they develop feelings.  When she returns the next night and finds him gone she's upset and can't figure out why.  Depressed, she leaves work after her shift and finds him sitting on her front porch. 

“You didn't think I was going to leave without saying goodbye, did you?” Slade said.

So they start seeing each other...kind of.  He takes her where his band started out, and to the diner across the street.  He kisses her on the front porch.  She goes to his show.  The spend the night in her bed cuddling with having sex.  

She ends up at his next show and his groupies fling her into the middle of a mosh pit where some guys take advantage.  He sees this happening from the stage and charges the guys ending up with a knife wound in the process.  He has this serious need to make sure she's always safe.  He's always been this way with those he's close to.  He sees what happened at the show as being his fault and pulls away.  

“You don’t always have to be the savior,” I tell him. 
“I can’t put you in harm’s way,” he says, ignoring my words, “My job is to protect you. As someone I love, you’re my responsibility. I will keep you safe, no matter what it takes. And if that means that we can never see each other again...”

It was a little dramatic for my taste but I understood where he was coming from.  Anyway, he does exactly that and pulls away.  She leaves him that night, and he willingly walks away from her.  She then chases him down at his next show and refuses to leave him and he finally gives in.

She is spending her 2 weeks of vacation with him but after that who knows.  Yes, that's how it ends.  2 weeks then she's headed back home and they are just gonna see where the chips fall.  There is no "I love you's," "Marry me?".  There's nothing.  We don't even get the promise of them as a couple.  She's never officially called his girlfriend or anything.  

Now, this book takes place over a week, 3 if you count the the 2 weeks on tour.  There is no epilogue and we have no idea how they ended up.  I can't even find out if there is going to be a second book.  It really felt like the book ended in the middle.  It has a ton of potential and I'm hoping that there will be a second book so I can find out what happens with their story.  So ending aside, it was a great book.  Don't let the way I feel stop you from reading!  I just needed more.  It ended to abruptly for me but...

This is my Slade/Julia (I realize Slade should have black hair)


Favorite quotes:

You’re my nurse?” Slade says, cocking an eyebrow at me, “I thought it was take your daughter to work day, or something.” 
“Nope,” I say, “Apparently it’s look after a condescending douche bag day. Hooray for me.”

 “I guess you kind of got forced into taking a break, when your chivalry turned into injury,” I say,
“Well, I’d get kicked in the gut all over again,” he says, “It was worth it.”
 “Being able to take a break, you mean?” I ask.
 “That,” he says, “And getting the chance to meet you.”