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Kiss This by Hadley Quinn

** 5 out of 5 Stars **


(This book includes mature content, including sex and language)

22-year-old Camryn Jacobs lost the love of her life once and vows to never kiss another guy unless she's in love with him. When she meets Teague, their attraction to one another is off the charts, and for the first time in two years, she wants to disregard her rule. 

But Camryn makes a bet that he can't go just one week without kissing her. She's protecting her own fragile heart, but her wit and smart mouth end up driving Teague crazy. 

When Teague is equally skilled at her challenge, their friendship turns complicated. He's not at all what she assumed, and he makes her feel things she never expected to feel. But sharing her true reasons for the no-kiss bet hurts too much and she keeps him in the dark. 

Teague has his own secrets to hide, starting with his last name. It's the reason he left town--to lick his wounds until he can piece his life back together. His time with Camryn proves that it might actually be possible, but with the threat of his family and his past ruining all that he's finally gained, can he really take that risk again?

Loving might be easy; learning to trust again could be too difficult to achieve...

This is a good book.  I loved it.  The writing style is easy to follow.  You will fall in love with Teague and his tortured hero ways.  You’ll fall in love with Cam as soon as you meet her.  You want these two to make it when they find each other.  I felt what they were feeling…all of it.

Camryn is pretty with long blonde hair, athletic, and a runner.  She’s got quite a mouth on her.  She’s strong, sarcastic, and to the point.  She’s ballsy and doesn't care to tell you like it is.  I call it “no filter” because she is definitely missing one!  She’s a real ball buster with her “kiss this” attitude.  I loved her from page one.

Teague is laid back and calm.  You know there is something serious going on under the surface but you have no idea what.  He’s built like a surfer.  He has black hair that’s all spiky on top.  He wears Henley’s and holey jeans, and prefers to go barefoot.  He’s possessive and even though he’s laid back he’s definitely an alpha male.   He’s looking for a simple life that’s easy.

Teague is running from something.  We know he got hurt at the beach, doing what is a mystery.  He’s decided he needs to leave for awhile and Jay, his cousin, decides to come with him.  They are heading to Oregon.

10 months later…

Camryn is visiting her mother for a funeral.  She takes a run on the beach and Teague is sitting on his steps leading down to the sand.  This is the first time he sees her.  He’s so struck by her that he can’t even move to call her down.  After a few days of watching her, he literally runs smack into her rounding his car.  She actually knocks him down.  He wants her name but she want give it to him.  The next day she’s running and he isn't on his steps, while she’s thinking as she continues her run she almost falls but he comes out of nowhere and catches her.  She finally tells him her name.  He asks what she was thinking about to get her distracted and she tells him…

“I was picturing you naked.”

They met up at a party that night.  Their flirting is off the charts.  It’s dirty and funny.  The problem is though that she has some weird rule about not kissing a guy unless she’s in love with him.  It’s got something to do with her ex and she’s serious.  This guy has his work cut out for him.  They make a bet…he can’t go a week without kissing her.  If he wins she has to sleep in his bed.  If he loses…game over. This is gonna be fun.

Well I don’t waste my time with losers, so it’s pretty obvious. You lose; you’re not worth my time. And I’m not nice enough to give you a second chance.”

They begin spending time together every day and they begin to develop feelings for each other.  Then something from work comes up and she has to go home.  She leaves and doesn't even bother to call him and let him know.  After a few days he follows her and finally gives her their first kiss on New Year’s.  He’s back in California.  We find out he has a truck, a house and everything.  He’s running from something and now he’s back and probably going back to work…all because of Cam.

Cam’s fiance was killed oversees.  That’s why she has the no kissing rule.  Her heart was destroyed when she lost him.  He was a soldier and she loved him dearly.  He was a great guy and she would have married him if he hadn't been killed.  I connected with her on this because it’s so sad.  I feel for her, my heart hurts for her.  He made her a video telling her how much he loved her and how he couldn't wait to get home to her.  He was killed 2 hours later…

Teague is running from his father.  Teague's brother is big actor in the movie industry.  Teague does all of his stunts for him.  He’s the real deal, gets paid major money for his work. 

Things are going great over several months.  The only real problem is the commute between them…she lives 3 hours away.  When she starts thinking about moving closer he begs and I mean begs her to move in with him.  He might as well have been on his knees.  They have already told each other they love each other so it seems like the next logical step.  She finally gives in and says she’ll move in with him.

Teague’s dad comes and informs Cam that Teague is hiding a huge secret and then gives her proof.  He has a son.  He lied to her about it when she asked him if he had kids.  His dad tells him where he is and she sees him with his son and a woman.  She’s crushed but she has faith in him.  She knows there has to be a reason he hasn’t told her.  She didn’t bring it up later that night but from the way she was acting he figured she had already found out.  Guilt was eating him alive.  So he confesses only it’s not what she thought he was confessing.

He hired a private investigator to follow her around…yeah I’m confused to.  This came out of left field.  She isn’t actually upset about it, she gets why he did it.  She’s just upset that he’s still hiding his son from her.  She knows he’s in love with her and she isn’t even thinking about his son’s mom, she just can’t understand why he won’t trust her enough to tell her.  She’s not leaving though.  I admire the way she stands by him.  She’s strong and she loves him, she won’t leave him.  She leaves to get some air

As she’s walking she runs into Max, Teague’s brother he hates, and they start talking.  Teague went after her and finds them together.  His brother takes off and they end up getting very intimate beside his house.  He kind of threw out that he planned to marry her while they were arguing before and now she asked him if he was serious.  So now they are sort of accidentally engaged? 

For Valentine’s Day he finally took her surfing.  While there they get a call that her sister has been hurt and head home.  He gets a text message from his brother about Cam knowing about his son.  Instead of explaining he gets mad and leaves her at home standing on the sidewalk.  When he finally calms down and goes home she’s gone.  She didn’t leave him, just needed to get away.  He finds out she’s at Brandon’s house…her ex’s brother who’s a close friend.  When he gets there, he has to deal with him.  Brandon refuses to let him see her and he has no choice but to leave.  He spends the night sleeping in his car in Brandon’s driveway.

Once they start to talk about his son we find out that the little boy isn’t his, he is actually his brother’s.  His girlfriend slept with his brother and got pregnant.  That explains the relationship he has with his brother.  He left and went to Oregon the day he found out that his son wasn’t his.  No one knows it but Max and Jay.  His dad has been giving him crap about it all along.  Now he’s worried he’s gonna lose Cam over it.  They work through everything and she goes home.

There is a big blow up at a birthday party where everything comes to light and Cam might have punched the baby mama in the face.

In the epilogue Teague and Cam have been married for a few weeks.  They are having a party and all of their friends are there.  She tells him later that night when everyone is gone that he is going to be a daddy.  The book ends with him kissing her stomach and telling the baby how much he loves its mama.

This is a sweet book.  It doesn’t have a whole lot of crazy in it…at least not between Teague and Cam.  His family is a whole other story.  I loved the characters.  I loved Cam most though.  She’s awesome with her “kiss this” attitude.  This book is a definite read.  The only problem I had with it was it could get a little long in places, especially at the end.  Take the time to read it, you won’t regret it!  I give it 5 stars.

My Teague/Camryn


Favorite Quotes

“You own me now, Camryn Jacobs.”

“So we have a deal? No matter how pissed you are with me, you always let me kiss you goodnight, Camryn. Always.”

“You own my heart, Teague McCallan. Every single fragment of it.