Monday, June 17, 2013

My Side by Tara Brown

** 3 out of 5 Stars **


Erin Benson felt like she'd won the lottery when she arrived all the way from North Dakota with the keys to her first home in hand.
Crisp white walls: Check. 
Breathtaking view of downtown Boston: Check. 
Minutes from Northeastern School of Law: Check.

But home is not always where the heart is. Sometimes it’s where you find Mr. Random shacked up and sprawled out on what was supposed to be your new bed.
Between the bear spray and the handcuffs, she discovers a terrible mistake has been made.
Lochlan hasn't broken into her new home to sleep with a seedy barmaid...he owns half.

With emotions running on high, Erin is determined to tough it out until a solution can be found.
The tight quarters seem smaller with his accumulated clutter and bizarre sleeping schedule. It also doesn't help that he's the new lead singer for Thin Ice, an indie band on its rise to fame.
What happens when a quiet bookworm gets stuck with a relentless rocker?
What happens when the things you see are not the things you get?

I don't really know where to start with this one.  My reviews are mixed.  The writing style was easy to read and the book flowed.  It was fast paced.  The characters were ok.  The book hit a lot of nerves with me but I still thought it was pretty good.  The characters are relateable at times but at other times they aren't.  

Erin is a law student moving out on her own the first time.  She's reserved, prissy, kind of stuck up and can be extremely irritating.   That's what she wants people to see.  She is also irrational, doesn't believe in herself and never thinks she's good enough.  She's a runner by nature.  She's pretty but in a no nonsense kind of way.  She's got issues with an ex boyfriend and it makes her paranoid.  She carries a can of mace with her at all times.  It's her crutch.

Loch is your typical rock star who looks like David Beckham.  No other description is necessary.  He's a hot head and he has a temper that could rival Travis from Beautiful Disaster.  He has a way of screwing everything up.  He's also very insecure in his relationship with Erin but she's the same way.  He's got tattoos and piercings.  He's controlling and possessive.

They met in probably one of the funniest ways I have ever read about.  They both have ended up renting the same apartment but without knowing it.  She walks into the apartment for the first time and hears him going at it with some chick and she mace's them both.  The police are called and everything.  He's mad and she's gets her first glimpse of his temper.  

They decide to keep living together because it's easier and at that point they have started to get to know each other.  He's into her in a big way but she thinks he's trying to keep her in the friend zone.  In truth, he's just trying to get her to accept him.

After saying no time and time again she finally agrees to go out with him to dinner.  This after his band mate asks her and it makes him mad.  They end up sleeping together but then everything falls apart.  She can't handle his life as a rock star.  She hates the girls falling all over him.  She runs which begins to be a pattern with her.  She runs and he destroys everything in his path in his quest to get her back.  

This happens time and time again.  They will decide to be together, sleep together, something will happen, she will run, he will find her, promise to go back to the friends stage, and then the process starts all over again.

Things come to a blow when they are at his parents.  She sees a girl kiss him and he kisses her back.  She takes off only to find out that she's got to go back because his sick mom has another stroke.  Not much time passes and then his dad has a massive heart attack and dies.  Loch pushes her away, telling her he doesn't want her anymore and she leaves him.    In his defense, he was trying to protect her from everything going on in his life.  He didn't want her just waiting around for him.  He sees his plan not working and tries to get her back.

She goes to a concert and he does everything possible to stay away from him.  Since he's never been one to listen or only hear what he wants to from her, he just keeps trying.  He begs her not to leave him again.  When she does, he beats her back to the apartment he no longer lives in and refuses to take no for an answer.  He wants her and she has to love him again and that's all there is to it.  She eventually gives in after she accidentally sprays him with mace again.  This guy is just unlucky when it comes to the stuff.

At the end, he's doing a lot better with his anger but she's still insecure.  She finds out that she's pregnant and instead of going all psycho, which he's prone to do, he wants to talk about it.  He actually seems happy about it.  He asks her to marry him again (he'd already asked once and she said no) and she says yes.  The book ends as they are walking down the isle after being married.  

There's an epilogue in which she's very pregnant and he buys her a minivan.  It's not really eventful, but just shows you that they are surviving married life happily.  

Ok so what I didn't like about this book.  These two are a volatile at the least.  Reminds me of a song. 

Maybe our relationship isn't as crazy as it seems
Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano
All I know is I love you too much to walk away though.

Yeah, this is their relationship.  They are so far from stable it isn't funny.  They don't need to be together but when they are good, it's great.  But when they are bad they take everyone down with them.  Other things I didn't like is how she was blamed for everything.  Her own brother blamed her for the things he did.  At the same time, she's extremely selfish.  She doesn't listen to him, and she want give their relationship a chance to grow.  

I don't know.  The longer I sit here the more I don't like the way it worked.  Who knows maybe it's just me.  I won't tell you not to read it because it is a good book, I'm just having some issues with it.  I give it 3 stars.

My Loch/Erin


Favorite quotes

“Princess, you’re extraordinary to me. You’re the amazing and the fantastic. I look at you and I think home. It’s bigger than anything in the world. No record deal, mountain climbed, no creation made, can compare to the feeling I have when I’m with you. Nothing I ever accomplish, will be as great as getting you to be my girl.”

“You need to look into my eyes and see the person I’m looking at. There won’t ever be anyone but you in there. When you see me at the show or signing autographs, that’s not me. This right now, with you, is me.” He stopped, pulling me into his embrace, “It’s always been me with you.”

“I can’t live without you. I won’t. I’m yours, body and soul, and I’m done pretending we can be friends.”