Thursday, June 6, 2013

Promise Me by Barbie Bohrman

** 4 out of 5 Stars **


Let me say first in advance.  I'm sorry for all the quotes, I went a little quote crazy with this one ;)

Sabrina Chandler must go back home to face her past and confront her once best friend and ex-boyfriend who betrayed her in the worst way possible. 

Returning to her past also means coming face to face with the boy who was standing in the shadows one fateful night. The same boy she made a promise to and who unknowingly walked away with her heart.

Can she move forward with her life when her heart is still 10 years in the past?

What would you do if your 10 year reunion was coming up and going back meant facing the one thing you've been running from since you left your home town?  This is the question that Sabrina had to ask herself.  Being that I didn't even go to mine and I wasn't running from the thing she was I can't really answer.  I have a theory, "If I didn't like them in high school why would I like them now?"  This was a good book.  The author writes about something a lot of people won't read about.  Cheating.  Having been in this situation, I have a profound respect for people that have the power to forgive.  It's not an easy thing to do.  I do not condone it but I do understand that things happen, and people can be put into a bad situation that they never intended to be in.  It doesn't make them a bad person, it just makes them human.    But for every action, consequences must be paid.

The reading style was easy to follow.  I don't remember there being too many errors and I had an easy time reading.  This book isn't horrible long, and it keeps you with it from beginning to end.  It's full of angst and emotion.  I felt what the characters were feeling.  I was angry, hurt, happy, and an emotional wreck.  

Sabrina is 28 yrs old and works at an art gallery in Miami.  She was cheated on by her boyfriend of 3 years her senior yr of high school and now has really bad trust issues.  She's not had a serious relationship in 10 years.  She's really beautiful, according to Tyler but other's seem to view her as plain.  Her saving grace the night she caught her boyfriend cheating with her best friend was Tyler.  He was there for her, and he gave her a ride home.  He held her while she cried and told her she was to good for the other guy.

"promise me that tomorrow you'll dump his sorry ass, cut that bitch out of your life, and try to hold on as best you can until you're out of this shit hole town in a couple of months."

Tyler is the towns bad boy.  He's tattooed and stays in trouble.  He's also the hottest guy in school.  All grown up, he's still gorgeous and the owner of a restaurant.  He's a complete alpha male in and out of the bedroom.  He doesn't ask but rather tells her what she's going to do.  He's been in love with Sebrina since high school.  Ten years and he's still waiting for his chance.  Once he sees his chance he will stop at nothing to make sure he has her and he won't let anything get between them this time.

"I've waited a long time to be this close to you again so I'm not going to waste my time catching up with a bunch of people who didn't give a shit about me ten years ago."

So Sabrina gets a letter announcing her 10 year reunion and not really wanting to go, does so anyway.  She's ready to confront her cheating ex and her ex best friend, but she's really hoping to get to see Tyler again.  He shows up at the reunion and we find out pretty quickly that he's only there to see her.  He's been in love with her for 10 years.  The only reason he didn't make a move years ago was because of the trouble he stayed in and  his home life.  He didn't want to bring her into any of that.  After a very funny altercation between her and her ex best friend, in which her wine ends up on the girls face, they leave together and go to his hotel room to talk.  There is no sex, they just talk all night and sleep in the same bed with him holding her.  He pretty much demands that she come stay with him in his apartment for a few days which she does willingly.

At the door of his apartment, we me Ava.  She's a friend that works at the restaurant with him and she's also someone he's had sex with in the past.  I didn't like this girl the moment I met her.  I knew she was trouble and the jealousy coming off over her let me know what was gonna happen before it did. 

They spend an amazing 3 days together and as she's going home he promises her he will make it work somehow.

"You let me worry about how this is going to work... because it's going to work if it kills me."

Before the reunion, we find out that Sabrina's boss is very interested in her and up until she meets up with Tyler again she had intended on maybe dating him.  As she's about to leave, there is a confrontation between her and Ava and as all this is happening, her boss sends her a text message that Ava sees.  This leads to some issues later.

She goes home and they do make the long distance thing work.  They talk every morning and every night.  He texts back and forth throughout the day.  They miss each other like crazy and he decides he's going to Miami.  A few days before he is set to leave she hasn't heard from him and it's 1:00 am.  When she calls Ava answers the phone.  

Ava had told him about the text message and made him think that she was seeing her boss and had been the entire time.  He's been drinking and he's now upset so he ends up sleeping with Ava and it screws everything up.  So there you have it, he's a cheater.  Not just a cheater, he did to her the one thing he knew would hurt her the most.  He calls the next morning when he realizes the damage has been done and at this point it's to late.  He vows to do what has to be done and that he is not gonna give up on them.

"I'm not giving up, Sabrina. If it takes every day for the rest of my f***ing life, I'm going to fix this."

So she won't talk to him even though he keeps calling and keeps texting.  It takes forever for her to get over her issues.  He shows up at her apartment and begs for another chance, then she goes to his hotel room to get answers.  She ends up telling him she needs more time.  It takes her forever even with her mom and best friend switching from "team Sabrina" to "team Tyler".  She eventually makes a decision to go back to him after she has already moved to where he is and started a new job.  She ends up outside his restaurant talking to him on the phone. He comes flying out the door and kisses her senseless.

There isn't an epilogue and I'd have given it 5 stars if so.  It kind of just ended suddenly.  It was a good book though.  I'm hoping for a second one that will at least give us some insight into their lives after they get back together.  I kind of want a book about her best friend too.  I loved her but she kind of scared me a little too:)

My Tyler/Sabrina

Favorite quotes

"Every time I hear or see you cry it kills me just a little bit more because I know it's me who's to blame for it. I know I'll never be good enough for you... I knew it back then, and I f***ing know it for sure now. I know I don't have any right to ask, but if you give me another chance, I swear I will spend the rest of my life trying to put that beautiful smile back on your face. Because what I came here to tell you is that I need you... I need you like I need the f***ing air to breathe."

"Because wherever you are, is where I want to be. You can take all the time you need to think, but I'm not giving up. You and I... we belong together and I'll wait for however long it takes because I love you."

"No, you don't get it at all. I wish you would have told me sooner because I miss you like crazy and I'm dying to see your beautiful face again. Don't get any crazy ideas in that pretty little head of yours, I told you I'd wait and I've been doing nothing but waiting... and I'll wait even longer if you needed me to."