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The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

** 5 out of 5 Amazing and Hot Stars **


It's been twelve years since Tru Bennett last saw Jake Wethers, her former best friend and boy she once loved.

Jake Wethers, sexy, tattooed and deliciously bad lead singer, and brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of the biggest bands in the world, left Tru with a broken heart when he moved from England to America with his family when they were both fourteen.

Sent to interview Jake for her music column by the magazine she works for, they are both unprepared for the sparks that fly the instant they reconnect. Only, there’s a complication to their instant feelings for one another—Will, Tru’s boyfriend of two years. 

Then Jake makes Tru a job offer she can't refuse—travelling the world with him and his band. But taking the job means leaving Will behind, and being on the road with the band means spending an inordinate amount of time with Jake. 

Is Tru strong enough to resist the delectable bad boy who once held her heart so completely, or will she willingly risk it all for one night with the world's most notorious womanizer?

I LOVE THIS BOOK!  It was easy to read, I love all the characters, I love the story line and I can absolutely not wait until book 2 is out!  This is a story about long lost love, second chances, hot rockstars, addiction and forgiveness.  What more could you want in a book? As a side note…if you don’t’ do well with cheating then this book isn’t for you.

Tru is a music journalist who lives in London.  She’s is 26.  She’s beautiful in a laid back sort of way.  She’s strong character.  I loved everything about her aside from her not being able to make up her mind.  I understood her reasoning though so I can tolerate it.

Jake is a rockstar.  He’s tattooed, broody, beautiful, and everything a girl could want.  He’s controlling possessive and has no intentions of sharing Tru with anyone.  He’s led a hard life.  He had an abusive father, was addicted to drugs, and has a hard time letting go of things.  I loved him instantly.

Tru and Jake were best friends when they were young.  The lived next door and both were in love with the other.  Jake moved away when he was 14.  They haven’t spoken in 12 years.

Tru is a music journalist and she lands an interview with Jake…or her company does.  She’s extremely nervous about the interview.  She scared he won’t remember her.  The minute she steps in front of him it’s instant recognition.  He knows exactly who she is and he can’t believe it.  He knew there was a possibility that it was her and he hoped but he’s still blown away when he sees her.

The interview is awkward and uncomfortable.  He’s asking all sorts of personal questions about her and her boyfriend Will.  She and Will have been together for 2 years.

After Tru and Jake meet for dinner and catch up he’s does something crazy.  He realizes he can’t let her go this time so he decides that she has to go on tour with him.  He calls her office and talks to her boss.  Before she even knows what happens, the plans are made.  She’s on tour with him.  Things are a little weird.  He’s very protective of her and she thinks he’s playing the best friend card.  He won’t let any of the other guys get close to her except Stewart.  It doesn’t really occur to her that he’s not playing the best friend card at all.  Things go on and a week before she is to go home for a break, things take another turn.  They begin spending the nights in the hotel room watching movies and cuddling on the couch.  Neither of them can deny what’s happening anymore and they end up sleeping together.

She lies to her boyfriend and tells him nothing is going on with her a Jake.  Jake has issues with this.  He has to know that’s she’s his.  He’s very possessive.  She tells him she is going to tell Will when they go home in a couple of days.  I honestly don’t know if she intended to or not.  She came across as one of those girls who can commit the crime but doesn’t want to own up to it.  She loves Jake, she’s always loved him.  She wants to be with him but she doesn’t want to hurt Will.  Things are going great, all the while she’s sleeping every night in Jake’s bed and lying to her boyfriend.  When her boyfriend shows up for an unannounced visit, Jake has to hide in the bathroom.  It’s awkward.  Jake wanted her to tell him right then.  At a party that night they attempt to ignore each other…until they end up in a bathroom together.  They have sex and then start to fight.  Jake is trying to tell her she’s the only one he wants.

“You’re mine, Tru. I’m not sharing you with him anymore.”

He leaves the bathroom angry and telling her he doesn’t care anymore.  He leaves with some groupie and she drinks herself to happiness.

The next morning she tells Will that she’s sleeping with Jake.  Things get out of hand and Will and Jake end up fighting in the hallway of the hotel.  Will leaves and Jake pulls her into his bed after they talk and things are ok with them (he didn’t take the groupie to his room) and holds her while they sleep.

They start their lives together, staying in Paris a few extra days sightseeing.  She doesn’t say anything to him but she’s having problems with his fame.  They can’t go anywhere without being mobbed.  There is no privacy and she just wants a normal, everyday relationship and she begins to realize it’s not going to be possible.  They have a few amazing days in Paris and then she comes home to an empty apartment, missing him, and with a text message begging her to move in with him.  She lives in London and he lives in America.  She’s already missing him but they will only be apart for a week.  Not even 24 hours later she gets a phone call from him telling her that his dad has died.  He’s headed to where she is.

Enter Will.  She runs into him outside her office.  They go to have coffee while she’s waiting on Jake’s plane.  It’s innocent and she just apologizes to him but with the press you know there will eventually be problems.  I had issues here.  Tru can be very wishy washy.  I understand she loves them both but she’s having trouble letting him go, a big part of her doesn’t want to even though she knows she’s got to.  I guess the issue is that Jake is on his way to her and dealing with his dad’s death and she’s having coffee with the ex she’s only been away from for a week or so.  I understood she needed to apologize but still.

After the funeral they go back on the tour.  It isn’t long before Tru notices something is off with Jake.  He used to have serious issues with drugs and she thinks he’s using again.  She asks Stewart and he confirms it.  Stewart tells her to confront him but be prepared for the outcome.  When she gets back to confront him he starts screaming at her when she walks in the door.  Someone has sent him pictures of her having coffee with Will (told you that wasn’t a good idea).  He’s angry, very angry.  He accuses her of cheating and won’t let up on her.  He screams and yells then throws her phone and breaks it.  She’s trying to reason with him but taking up for Will isn’t the way to do it.  She confronts him about the drugs, he lies of course and she has had enough.  She tells him to choose, her or the drugs.  She hopes he’ll choose her but she’s willing to leave for the drugs.  He doesn’t choose her.  She packs her stuff and leaves and he lets her.

I’m losing the man I love to this trash in my hand, and I have no clue how to stop it from happening.

After spending the night alone and trying not to think about things she realizes she has to go back.  She can’t desert him when he needs her the most.  She knows that the things he said were the drugs talking not him.  So goes back to his hotel and…finds him in bed with a woman.

He jumps out of the bed telling her he didn’t sleep with the woman.  He tells the girl to tell the truth but she just smiles and walks out of the room.  Tru is devastated.  He’s begging her to talk to him but she can’t.  She eventually tells him goodbye and leaves him on his knees in the hotel room.  She goes home, miserable with him calling her every few minutes.

Once she’s been home for a week she talks to her boss and they are pushing the release of the book she’s been writing on the tour.  For some reason she is going to have to go back for the last show.  This means she’ll have to see him again.  While she’s been following their story she starts to notice tiny details about this girl he was with.  There are pictures of them in bed and he appears to be asleep in them.  He’s being accused of sleeping with this woman the entire time.  Her friends are telling her that maybe he really didn’t do anything with this woman.  Deep down she knows it’s true that he didn’t.  The real problem is that she doesn’t think she can handle his lifestyle.  This comes to light after she realizes he really didn’t do anything with that woman.

She calls Stewart to let him know she’s coming back to the tour.  Jake realizes who he’s talking to and gets on the phone.  Stewart can’t pretend he’s talking to someone else at all and he’s not a great liar either He literally refers to Jake as something and tries to explain to Tru that he’s in the car with something…worst cover I have ever seen.  Couldn’t just pretend he was talking to his mama.   She has to tell Jake that she’s coming back but she doesn’t want to talk to him.  She finds out while she’s there that he’s been clean since the day she left.  He’s back to being her Jake.

“I won’t stop fighting for you – for us. I want you back and I will keep on trying, with whatever methods I can, until you believe that I’m telling you the truth – that you forgive me for letting you down with the drugs, and that I have you back in my life again.”

She’s leaving as soon as the show is over.  She actually has plans to leave before the last song which he stops from happening.  Stewart lets her know that the woman was lying and why but she’s still going to leave.  He stops her by playing a song they had talked about.  She tries to run away but he goes after her.  Just leaves the stage in the middle of a show.  After he talks to her, tells her how much he loves her, apologizes over and over again, he pulls out the ring she looked at in Paris.  Turns out he bought it the day after she found it.  He proposes and she says yes.

This is an awesome book.  I loved every second of it.  I love Jake and Tru.  I would have loved an epilogue but I was just as happy with a 2nd book.  I absolutely can’t wait.  The only real problem I had with this book was Tru’s ability to choose.  She went back and forth leading both along.  I felt bad for Will but Jake had waited for 12 years to be with her.  I give this book 5 Stars though it deserves a lot more!

My Jake/Tru


Favorite quotes

“I’ve only ever loved one girl, Tru – and that’s you. It’s always been you. I loved you from the moment I knew how to love.”

“I’ll never be good enough for you, I know that. But I’m no good without you, and if that makes me a selfish bastard for wanting you as badly as I do then so be it because I can’t live a life that doesn’t have you in it.”

“Please don’t go. Just stay, talk to me, we can work this out. I know we can. I would never cheat on you – I swear to you. Just believe me, please. I love you so much. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved. And I know I’ve screwed up with the drugs, but I would never cheat on you. You’re my best friend. You’re my everything.”

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