Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pure Passion by MT Stone

** 2 out of 5 Stars **


As a teen, Max Hancock had it all.  He was captain of the football team, drove a red BMW convertible and was destined to inherit the family business.  One fateful night however, he lost his family as well as his soul mate and woke up flat broke with nowhere to go.  As Max hit rock bottom, in his mind all he needed was a break.

Little did he know, his break would come in a form that he least expected.  A quirky, young brunette named Lara, who had secretly been in love with Max since she was thirteen years old.  In one roller coaster month, both lives would be changed forever, as their chance meeting set in motion a series of life changing events.  At the end of their journey nothing would remain the same…including Max’s name.

I don't know, this book was good but it wasn't great.  There were parts that just rubbed me the wrong way.  It was easy enough to follow but I had a hard time connecting with the characters at times.  I liked the plot and it went in a direction i wasn't expecting.  There were 2 major things that ruined it for me.  First, it had way too many ! points.  I mean I felt like they spent half the time screaming at each other.  Second, Lara.  The girl honestly scared me.  

Lara is beautiful with but you don't  really know it until she undergoes her transformation   When we meet her she's wearing baggy clothes with these really ugly 70's style glasses.  She's a bartender working until she finds a job as a teacher.  She has a music degree.  The one thing I really liked about this girl was that she has no all.  She thought it and then she said it.  She's been in love with Max since she was 13 years old.  It's not just love though.  It's obsession, to the point that she's been medicated because of it in the past.  She's almost to the point of crazy to dangerous crazy.

Max is tall, dark and handsome with thick black hair, he plays guitar and is trying to revive his grandfather's custom guitar business.  He's built and not muscular but toned.  He's superficial to me.  He's had a rough go of it lately.

At the beginning of the book we find out that Max has dropped out of law school to resurrect the guitar business that his grandfather had.  His girlfriend, Celeste, is very unsupportive but he deals with it because they have been together for 9 years.  He thinks she's his soul mate and he's in love with her.  

Lara and Max are reintroduced at the local bar everyone hangs out at.  There is a weird connection immediately and he feels drawn to her.  He doesn't remember her at first but she was several years behind him in high school.  As he's leaving the bar something comes over him and he kisses her and I mean he really kisses her.

When he comes home from the bar everything for him changes.  His apartment door is dead bolted and someone is parked in his spot.  It turns out that his girlfriend is having an affair with his father.  Ummm...yuck!  She is sleeping with his dad in his bed.  Max packs his bags and moves into his warehouse.  He finds himself now broke, alone and with nowhere to live.  

Here is where Lara sort of goes of the deep end in my opinion.  She decides she's had enough of the way she looks and completely changes her appearance   She's crazy about Max.  Now keep in mind she hasn't seen him in years.  This time she vows he will be hers.  This chick scares me.  She realizes she's obsessed but she doesn't care.  There were times where I was thinking Max needed to run fast.  There were also times I was thinking if he didn't agree with things or didn't do the things she wanted him to she would kill his cat or something.  She's very stalkerish with him.  She drives by his apartment, plants himself permanently in his life, and fixes his financial problems all within a month.

Lara, Max, and 2 of their friends all move into a house together and things quickly go from friendship to the next level.  It starts out slowly but not slowly at the same time.  She makes him smile and she makes him feel alive.  They are hanging out everyday and sleeping in the same bed every night.  Things are going well with them in her eyes but he doesn't think things are that serious between them.  I mean she's thinking marriage and forever and he's coming out of a 9 year relationship.  Things between them changed to the next level the night they went to her house to pick up her bed.  They couldn't keep their hands off each other.  

A little later, after they've been "dating" for a week or so they take a road trip to Ft. Lauderdale to see her uncle.  He is going to help Max get his business off the ground.  They have a great weekend together and she comes back thinking it's them against the world.  Keep in mind it's only been like 3 years since he got out of that 9 year relationship.  Once back from their trip, he's busy all the time and working crazy hours.  They don't have a lot of time for each other but they sort of fall into a routine with each other.  

She throws him a huge surprise party for his success with his music business.  A lot of people are at the party including a girl he had a crush on in high school.  The girl kisses him and he kisses her back, thoroughly enjoying it.  Once again we see how he isn't viewing things as seriously as Lara is about their relationship.  It was pretty sad that he kissed this girl at the party that she threw for him though.  Lara sees the kiss and takes off.  She's been drinking and she's upset.  She ends up having a really bad car wreck and she's hurt pretty badly.  Since Max chased after her, he's there with her right after it happened.  He realized he'd messed up and took off after her.  It's bad, she's coughing up blood, she can't breathe, she's very possibly dying in his arms.  She tells him not to save her if he's just going to hurt her and poof...light bulb goes off in Max's head.  He's in love with her.  OK...  

It's a shame that it takes a wreck and her bleeding in his arms to open his eyes.  He tells her he loves her and that he can't live without her.  At the hospital she's rushed to surgery and her parents tell him about her obsession.  He is perfectly fine with it.  She wakes up and he tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her forever.  She's his true soul mate.  He acts like a real boyfriend once she's home and dotes all over her.  They are officially together now.

At the end of the book everything is perfect.  They are in love, his business has taken off, her uncle signs his half of the business over to Lara making the company her's and Max's.  We find out she's pregnant and they are planning on getting married.  All of this happened in a month...

Ok so yeah I'm didn't fall for it.  Everything happened to fast.  I gave it 2 stars because I did like the story line but I didn't buy Max's love for her and I'm pretty sure that Lara is certifiable and needs extreme help.  This book just wasn't for me.  It's a quick and easy read.  If you're into a book that moves really fast and is a HEA then you might enjoy this one.

My Max/Lara
Favorite Quotes:

Mom’s right, I need help! (Couldn't agree more)

No, Lara wasn't a curvy, blond bombshell.  Instead, she was a lanky, quirky, hilarious brunette, who despite her self-proclaimed flaws, left little doubt in my mind that she was my true soul mate.