Sunday, July 28, 2013

Real by Katy Evans

** 5 out of 5 Stars **


A fallen boxer.
A woman with a broken dream.
A competition...

He even makes me forget my name.  Once night was all it took, and I forgot everything and anything except the sexy fighter in the ring who sets my mind ablaze and my body on fire with wanting...

Remington Tate is the strongest, most confusing man I've ever met in my life.

He's the star of the the dangerous underground fighting circuit, and I'm drawn to him as I've never been drawn to anything in my life.  I forget who I am, what I want, with just one look from him.  When he's near, I need to remind myself that I am strong--but he is stronger.  And now it's my job to keep his body working like a perfect machine, his taut muscles primed and ready to break the bones of his next opponents...

But the one he's most threatening to, now, is me.

I want him.  I want him without fear.  Without reservations.

If only I knew for sure what it is that he wants from me?

2 words...Remington Tate!  That man made this book!  It was so good.  I loved this book and I loved the story line.  This book deals with a man who has bipolar disorder.  The real disorder not the one doctors tend to diagnose people with when they don't really have it.  I loved the writing style and the plot.  I loved the characters and I connected with them easily.  There were times in this book where I sat on the edge of my seat.  It's a great read and it's  relatively short.

Brooke has long brown hair and light brown hair.  She was a runner but her dreams of an Olympic gold are taken from her when she gets an injury.  She isn't interested in dating.  She's a little on the uptight and conservative side.  She's 24.

Remy "Riptide" Tate is a fighter in an underground circuit.  He's lean and cut with broad shoulders.  He has black hair and blue eyes.  He's 26.  He's got tattoos all over him and a sexy smile that will bring a girl to her knees.  He has an air of authority about him,  He's a possessive and protective alpha male.  He has bipolar disorder which lead to the end of his boxing career.  To me he's a worse version of Travis Maddox.

My pulse skitters as he lowers his dark head to set a small, dry kiss on my lips. It feels like he’s marking me. Like he’s preparing me for something monumental. That could both change and ruin my life.

Brooke and Remy meet for the first time at a fight.  He meets her eyes while taking in the crowd and they are both done for from that moment on.  She does what all heroines do and she runs.  He comes out of the ring after her, kissing her and introducing himself.

The next day she receives tickets and a backstage pass to his next fight.  Their first face to face conversation comes after the fight in his hotel room when he offers her a job.  She will be sort of like his conditioning coach on the road.  She has a degree in sports training.

These two have a thing with music.  They have a hard time expressing themselves, especially him.  The play each other songs off their ipods.  It's almost like a game.  The song he plays her most is Iris by the Goo Goo dolls.  I love this song and it describes Remy to perfection.

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closet to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't wanna go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
When sooner or later it's over
I just don't wanna miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am

The words to this song floor me.  He also plays her Love Bites by Def Leopard which I love!

Things don't progress quickly with them but he's already staked a claim on her and she doesn't realize it yet. It's little things that he does that show that she's already his.  He seeks her out at every fight, the constant music, he doesn't look at other women, she's the only one in the room when they are together.

Our first look at his disorder comes one night at a party.  She goes to the bathroom and when she comes back things are very wrong.  He destroys the hotel room, screaming and throwing things thinking she's left him.  He completely shuts down after one of his episodes which they refer to as "black Remy".  She stops them from his normal therapy which is women.  Things continue to progress with them but he won't sleep with her because he wants things to work with her.  He's not trying to mess things up and he wants her to know about his dark side and still want him.

There's an issue with her sister and the opponent that's out to destroy him.  She sets up a meeting with her and has to kiss the guys scorpion tattoo to be able to speak to her.  When Remy sees the pictures of it he has another episode which results in stitches.

His big fight is a disaster and he lets the guy beat him into unconsciousness.  She leaves him even though she promised she never would.  When he goes after her we learn that he did it so that he could get her sister back.  So she basically left him for nothing.  The story ends with her going back to work for him and also back to him in the girlfriend sense.

"Protecting you is my privilege.  I will protect you and anything that you value as if it were mine."

It's a good book and I can't wait for the second one to be here.  I really enjoyed it.  I love how the author actually showed what his disorder is.  I give it 5 stars because it was awesome!  Read this book; you won't be disappointed!

My Remy/Brooke


Favorite Quotes:

“I’m yours now, and you can’t ditch me like you just did. Even if I screw this up, I’ll still be your screw-up.”