Friday, August 9, 2013

Beauty and the Bad Boy by Scarlett Dupree

** 3.5 out of 5 Stars **


A bad boy biker from the Ghetto.  Born to the gang.  Born to kill.
A beautiful, young woman from the Heights.  Born to be free.  Born to love.

Polar opposites.  But one thing binds them:  A tragic past.

Jake vowed never to love again after his girlfriend was brutally murdered.  He's never forgiven himself for her death.  As for Dakota, her happiness was killed by a loss so deep she'd stopped living.  After years of sleeping with biker groupies, Jake's bad boy reputation is ripped apart as soon as Beauty steps into his life.  As for Dakota, the hunky, inked, heavily muscled, bad boy forces her to live again.  Her very life depends on it.  

This story tells of Beauty's transition into Bad Boy's world of violence, betrayal and death.  A world dominated by men who live by a strict code where love and beauty come second to the gang.  It would take a woman of certain calibre to stand by such a bad boy.  But Dakota isn't just any woman.  She can fight.  She can shoot, and she has the mouth of a sailor.  Her grim past has forced Dakota to be headstrong, and so she rebuffs Jake's need to protect her.  But Dakota must realize she is as tough as her understanding that, once in awhile, she needs a tenacious man to lean on, especially if that man's idea of love is to lay his life down for her. 

They say when you're at your lowest point your soul is lost.  But what happens when the ties of fate bind two lost souls?  Would they choose to risk their last remnant of hope to be together?

Beauty and the Bad Boy is about two lost souls who made such a choice one night, and the dangerous journey they embark upon because of it.  But, will their instinct to fight for love save them or will it be their undoing in the end? 


I've got mixed feelings about this one.  I liked it to a point.  It was good but it wasn't great.  I connected with both the heroine and the hero and I felt for them emotionally.  My main problem was I didn't like Dakota at all.  I felt for her and everything she had been through.  She had a rough go of it but I just couldn't stand her and the way she treated Jake.  She was just down right petty about things and she went against him at every turn.  I get that she's independent but seriously!  I liked the writing's written in duel POV.  I liked that I got to experience how he was feeling.  I liked the plot for the most part.  He lives a dark life and she's that light in the darkness for him.  I didn't like how the book ended.  I felt like I had just been cut off.  It just sort of abruptly ended.  I don't I said mixed feelings here.  Something about this one just didn't sit right with me.


Jake has been through a lot.  He lost his girlfriend to MC life.  She was killed after being bruttely raped and beaten by a rival gang.  He has a daughter that he let go of to try and give her a normal life.  He has no intentions of falling in love again.  He works as a mechanic.  He's cocky...he knows he looks good.  He's sexy, gorgeous and a bad boy.  He's really tall with broad shoulders, short dark hair, azure eyes and tattoos everywhere.  He spent 2 years in prison.  He's controlling and possessive.  He's a member of the MC called Fire Birds and he drives a motorcycle.

Dakota is 21.  She's young but has experienced so much loss that it's insane.  She was married with a small child.  Her child died in an accident while in daycare.  2 years later she lost her husband to cancer.  She teaches in college.  She's tall, curvy, has long dark brown hair, green eyes, curses like a sailor and has tattoos.  She's fiercely independent and strong.  She's also tough, she knows how to fight, shoot and protect herself.

He wasn't just a bad boy.  He was like me.

Jake meets Dakota when she brings her Mustang into his shop to be worked on.  There is an instant connection between them and it's literally love at first sight.  She's not what he expects thinking she's an uptight, rich girl from the heights.  What he gets instead is a feisty gearhead with a mouth.  She also wants him to take a look at her husband's bike that hasn't been touched since before his death.

The following day they meet up at her house and he finds out what happened to her family.  They take a bike ride into the country and decide to give a relationship a go.  It's going to be hard and it's going to be far from easy.  He has demons and lots of them but she's his light in his on personal hell.  There is a lot of sex in this book.  It's steamy and it's not conventional.  It seemed like every other page they were going at it.  After their first night together they are both already falling and hard.  He pretty much moves into her house without it being official and never leaves.  Over the months she gets to know his brothers in the MC and becomes very close with his best friend's girlfriend Tiffany.

She made me feel like there was still a chance to find some peace in my life.  I thought maybe she was that peace.

He asks her to marry him and does it with his grandmother's ring.  She says yes.  In the MC they hold a ceremony called the "Birdy" ceremony.  This is a way to celebrate the engagement and make it official.

He fights his demons with rough sex.  He's a lot to handle at times.  He comes in smelling of gun powder and gasoline and gets rough with her.  He can also get rough with her physically without meaning to.  After one incident where one of the members home is burned down killing everyone inside but him the MC goes on lock down.  Everyone is accounted for but her.  When he finds her he gets a little rough with her and she lets him know that if he ever does it again she'll walk.  The problem I had with this is her.  He's lost his girlfriend in a very brutal way.  He loves Dakota more than he ever did her.  She repeatedly refuses to take his advise or listen to him when he's trying to protect her.  She throws tantrum after tantrum and then gets even madder when he gets upset about it.  All the while he's scared to death that his temper has cost him his relationship.  She really has no regard for him or his feelings.  At times I wondered if she even cared at all.

The lock down eventually end but things are so bad that they immediately go back into it.  It's obvious that something isn't on the up and up inside the club and the MC president is probably behind it.  While Jake is out handling club business the clubhouse goes under attack.  She's a tough chick.  She has no intention of laying down with the other women.  She straps on her guns and goes to the front line with the boys.  She shoots the rival gang leader in the face before anyone can do anything.  Jake freaks out when he sees her outside but she's just bucking against him once again.

They take a trip to meet his daughter.  He's resentful that Dakota pushed the issue so hard.  After an awkward day with the child he unleashes on her and it's bordering violent.  He grabs her and she warns him he's about to cross that line he won't be able to cross.  He backs down but then starts the rough sex.  He scares her and she makes him stop.  The next morning she's up for a run and trying to figure out what to do.  She's about decided she's going to leave him.  He realizes this when he comes to talk to her and panics.  He asks her not to leave then moves on the begging her to stay while crying himself.  She makes the decision to stay with him.

Things settle down for awhile and they are happy.  They take a trip with his best friend and girlfriend and they are ambushed outside the club.  She's hit with a chain and Tiffany is beat up pretty bad.  The boys take the others down.  When Jake finally gets to her she's using the heel of her boots to make sure the guy who hit her never has children.  While talking to the EMT's after the fact she collapses and has a seziure.  She's got swelling and bleeding on the brain and she has to have emergency surgery.  He's beside himself and out of his mind.  He spends to days while she's in a coma begging her to come back to him, dealing with the guilt of being right there and not being able to protect her, and refusing to leave the room at all.  He won't eat or sleep.  We find out that she died on the operating table but they were able to get her back.  When she wakes up he has to tell her what happened.  Once home he's very over-protective and she fights him on it of course.  Things aren't great with them.  There is tension and there is distance.  She's been having nightmares and when he can't handle the silence anymore and pushes her to talk about it she comes unglued, screaming and cussing him.  Afterward they talk more and she makes him realize that he did protect her and he does everyday.  Things are ok again.

They finally get to have their "Birdy" ceremony and it's beautiful.  They are both so happy and they enjoy the night but tension is thick among the MC.  While they are away on a romantic getaway Tiffany is attack and then his best friend informs him that they are leaving the MC.  He becomes distant with Dakota.  Something is up with him and within the club.  He comes home late or doesn't bother to come home at all.  She gets a call from the president to meet him, says it's something about Jake.  When she gets to the cabin the president has a gun to Jake's head.  She makes a split second decision and steps in front of Jake to protect him and then kills the president.

Because she killed the president she is no longer safe from the MC.  If they find out it was her they will kill her.  Now she's faced with leaving town.  She's fine with this until Jake tells her he doesn't think he can leave the club.  He chooses the MC over her.  He comes to his senses the next morning and while she's trying to break up with him he tells her he's already left the club and they are going to build a life together somewhere else.  And that's it.  There's no epilogue.  We don't know what happened to them.

Where did the ending go??


I gave this one 3.5 stars.  I can't stand Dakota, nothing about her was appealing to me.  She ruined this book for me.  I hated the ending.  I was left feeling like the story wasn't finished.  This isn't a book that's going to stay with me but it was an ok read.  If you're looking for a book with a hot biker who lives in the darkness while trying to find some light then this may be the book for you.  I just didn't hold it's own with me though.

My Jake / Dakota


Favorite Quotes:

"Can you let yourself be happy we're together right now and leave tomorrow to figure it's own damn self out?"

"Stay down, babe.  Please stay down.  Don't go all terminator just yet."

"You have no idea what you do; what you are.  No idea."
"And, what is that?"
"You're my everything, Dakota."

"Very sneaky.  You're like a biker ninja."