Saturday, August 17, 2013

In the Eye of the Storm by Samantha Chase

** 3.5 out of 5 Stars **


The storm wasn't only raging outside...

Forced to pick up her demanding boss at two a.m. in the midst of a storm, Holly Abrams quit her job.  Not one to deal with being inconvenienced, Stephen Ballinger refuses to accept.

Forced to be alone together at Stephen's home to ride out a tropical storm, their relationship turns from a working one to a passionate one.  Holly has always wanted her sexy boss and the weekend is better than all of her fantasies.  Stephen would do anything to make her stay, but is he using seduction to keep his world organized or is this hard-working CEO ready to put some serious work into a relationship?


In the Eye of the Storm was a quick and short read.  There was very little drama, the characters were great and the plot straight forward and to the point.  I read it in one sitting.  It's not a book that's gonna stick with me for a long time but I did enjoy it.  I wish we could have seen more of the characters pre storm and maybe have gotten to know them a little better.  The book felt a little rushed and for a man that just realized he was in love with someone it went from 0 to 60 in a matter of pages.  Regardless, it was a cheap book that I took a chance on and I liked it.


Holly has been an assistant to the President of Ballinger's for the past 3 years.  At work, she calm, collected, very professional and amazing at her job.  She works 14 hour days along side her boss and because of this she has no social life at all.  She had brown hair and green eyes and isn't drop dead beautiful but she is pretty.

Stephen has put his entire adult life into Ballinger's and he's married to his job.  He's not an idiot though, he knows that Holly is a big reason in the success of his company and he'll do anything to keep her with him.  He's over 6 feet tall, built like an athlete with black hair.  He's very professional and no no sense.  He also can be very possessive at times.

At 2 a.m. Holly is awakened by her boss with a phone call.  He's stuck at some bar without a ride home and needs her to come get him.  He got into a fight with his two best friends and they left him there. He could have called his driver or a cab but instead calls her.  She's angry that she has to be out in the middle of the night in the middle of a tropical storm to pick up her boss who has no consideration for anyone other than himself.  After she screams at him she tells him she's quitting.  He doesn't like it and they fight more.

When they get to his house the weather has gotten so much worse so he makes her stay the night with him.  She does even though she doesn't like it.  He tells her as he's letting her settle in the guest room that the fight he had with his two friends at the bar was about her.  The following morning he goes into a little more detail.  One of his buddies, Derek thinks that he and Holly have been sleeping together and when he tells him this he ends up punching the guy.  But Derek crosses a line and tells him that if he's not going to take advantage of it then maybe Derek will.  He sees red.  He doesn't know why he reacts that way but he does.  This only cements Holly's decision about leaving the company.  She doesn't want people talking about them.  He does his best to convince her to stay almost to the point of begging.

She leaves his house but doesn't get far.  The storm has knocked trees down and it's still raging so she turns around and goes back.  They spend the day watching movies, laughing, and getting to know each other outside of work.  He begins noticing an attraction to her that  he didn't realize was there.  They begin to talk about her leaving work again later that night and he tells her he thinks it would be best if she did leave.  She's hurt but when she asks why he kisses her.  They end up upstairs in his bed where he makes love to her all night.  He realized at some point that he's developed feelings for her, he wouldn't call it love, but he can't breathe without her.  Yeah, the guy is in trouble and doesn't realize it yet.  His thoughts are all over the place the next morning but she doesn't say anything about the night they just spent together and he begins to get annoyed.  They end up fighting because he thinks she doesn't care and that leads to more sex.  They spend the rest of the weekend and Monday in bed.

They made a decision that it's just the weekend and things are back to business as usual at the office and she doesn't leave her job.  He's cold and distant and she's hurting but doesn't show it.  This goes on for a week and both attempt a social life without the other but it's empty.  They have a huge business client the following week and sexual tension is high.  He's having a really hard time watching her act as if it never happened.  He's miserable and testy.  She's had enough and stalks into his office one morning and confronts him, it makes him mad and she ends up apologizing and leaving.  After their business meeting while she's preparing for dinner with the clients she stops into his office and he shuts and locks the door.  They end up having sex on his desk.  For just a minute he wanted to feel like he had it all, the business, the contracts, and the girl.  The problem with this is that now he wants it all everyday.  He follows her home that night and spends the night with her.  While there he decides he's going to ask her to be in an actual relationship with him so they begin to officially date.  Things go well for awhile.  They keep it a secret at work and spend nights and weekends together.

His friend Derek gets wind of the relationship and doesn't like it.  He calls Holly and says some pretty ugly things and it causes her to put a halt on the relationship.  She thinks he wants out of it and doesn't bother asking Stephen outright and begins to put distance between them.  He's confused.  He doesn't understand why one second she was his and the next she wasn't.  They spend Thanksgiving break apart.  He spends all his time at the office, even sleeping there.  He's a mess because she left for break without telling him.  He's hurt and angry and miserable.  His buddies show up and Derek tells him what he's done.  That lands Derek another punch to the face.  He still isn't happy knowing its all a mistake because he doesn't think she cares enough about him to talk to him.

His buddies go talk to Holly and Derek ends up with another punch to the face.  She tells Will to get him out of his office and home.  He does it and when Stephen gets home Holly is waiting on him.  She explains why she left and tells him she loves him.  He kisses her and then tells her he was devastated when she walked away not because of the business but because he's in love with her.  He makes love to her and then tells her he doesn't want her to be his assistant any longer because he has another position for her then he asks her to marry him.  She says yes.


It was a good book with very little emotional ties and I enjoyed it.  I give it 3.5 stars.  If you're looking for a quick read with a HEA then this is the book for you.

My Stephen / Holly


Favorite Quotes:

For four long days Stephen had to sit back and watch her go on with her life and her job as if nothing had ever happened--which was what he had wanted.  Until he had it.