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Lick by Kylie Scott

** 3.5 out of 5 Stars **


Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this.

Evelyn Thomas's plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big.  Huge.  But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong.  Now if she could just remember how it all happened.

One thing is for certain, being married to rock and roll's favorite son is sure to be a wild ride.


I like this book.  It wasn't my favorite but I did enjoy reading it.  I enjoyed the plot.  It was a little different and something I don't read often.  It's very rare I read a story where the H/h are already married...whether it was an accident or not.  I liked the heroine.  She was strong and independent in her own way.  She didn't put up with him when he was being nasty.  The hero was enduring to me.  He knew what he wanted even when she didn't.  He saw something in her that worked for him and he held on to it regardless of how hard she fought him.  This is a quick and easy read.  I would have been able to read it in one sitting if it hadn't been so late when I started it.


Evelyn is studying architecture.  This isn't the plan she wants for her life but she's doing it to please her parents.  We don't get a good picture of what she looks like but she's 21 and lives in Portland.  She has a good head on her shoulders and always has a plan.  She's got a temper.

David is a rockstar.  He's beautiful with long dark hair, blue eyes and tattoos everywhere. He's 26 and ready to slow the fast life down a bit.  He has severe trust issues due to an ex girlfriend.  He's 26.

Ev wakes up on the bathroom floor of her hotel room in Vegas hungover with no memory of the night before.  There is a beautiful, half naked bad boy in the floor beside her who is the direct opposite of the men she dates.  When she runs her hand through her hair she realizes another problem.  There is a rock the size of Texas on her finger and she doesn't remember it being there.  She's married and doesn't remember doing it.  Her reaction isn't a good one and David isn't happy she doesn't remember.  She decides on an annulment and his lawyers will take care of it.  She takes the ring off and tries to give it back but he won't take it.  He leaves very irritated and she flies home to Portland.  She also has a tattoo of his name on her butt that she doesn't remember getting either.

"It's not fair that I remember and you don't, Evelyn."

Ev and her best friend Lauren are ambushed by the paparazzi at the airport upon landing.  She ends up taking a call from him and being whisked to LA to his house to ride out the media storm until the lawyers can do their jobs.  He's not happy to see her when she arrives.  He's got a chick hanging off him and he ends up going to the lake house with the girl right under Ev's window.  He doesn't stay long though.

There is an issue with David's brother.  You can tell there is a lot of tension between them and David doesn't want him talking to Ev at all.  He's very possessive of the girl he plans on divorcing.  You can tell from the beginning that it's her that wants the divorce and he doesn't appear to keen on the idea.

The following morning she meets with his bulldog of a lawyer and his best friend whisks her off to his house after she has a break down.  David is furious that she's with him and he comes after her.  They decide to spend the weekend at David's house out of town.  The plan is just to hang out as friends and then go their separate ways on Monday...because that's actually gonna happen.

From here on things most quickly...too quickly.  Within 24 hours there is a steamy kiss, she's decided at some point she wants to try and make it work and telling him, more kissing, and then almost sleeping together.  All this happened in a day.  The next day isn't any better.  They actually make it to bed this time and don't leave for awhile.  He tells her he's crazy about her and they decide to not sign the papers and see where things go.  This book moves so fast.  They fight and then make up and then she receives info from Lauren that he bought the house she's currently staying in for him and his ex before she cheated on him.  He also tells her he wants her to move to LA with him.  Then there is an issue, vacation is over and they go back to LA together.  The reception she receives is cold at best especially from his PA Martha.

She tells him she's in love with him and he tells her she's important to him.  Not exactly the answer she was looking for.  The next day she walks into a room to find after a show to find his lips on his PA.  It turns out that Martha is the ex girlfriend who cheated.  She still works for him and he can't give Ev any answers.  He flies into a rage telling her if she leaves him they are done and she will mean nothing to him.  She walks out the door and flies home to Portland.

Nothing lasted.  Love was a lie and rock 'n' roll sucked.  Blah blah blah.  Time for another drink...

28 days later she's dancing her worries away when a guy comes up behind her and dances with her.  She turns around to find David standing behind her.  He's cut his hair off and grown a beard.  He had every intention of coming after her but his brother ended up in rehab so he had to stay behind.  After an intense round of wall sex in an alley she is escorted home by him.  This starts a daily thing.  He walks her home from work every day.  She won't talk to him but he's still there sometimes even walking her home from across the street when she won't be near him.  He's really sweet and persistent.  It's obvious he has no intention of leaving town.  She finally talks to him and he explains things then ends up falling asleep on her bed.  The next morning he's gone but leaves a note telling her he's not leaving town.

Martha shows up in Portland.  David fired her and hasn't talked to her since the night she left town.  Martha tells her she always knew that eventually she and David would be together again.  She had just been waiting for her chance.  It was only after he got married she realized things were over between them.  She kissed David and he wasn't responsible for that.  We find out that David has moved to Portland and bought a house.  He's recording an album with the entire band who are in town.  When she asks him what he's still doing in Portland he says, "My wife lives in Portland."  The guy is miserable and defeated.  He just want to be wherever Ev is and as close as she'll let him be to her.

She goes to the studio where he's working and they actually talk about things.  They still are on shaky terms but he agrees to go for dinner at her parents.  The dinner is a disaster but she handles it perfectly.  Her parents blame David for her dreams changing.  She tells them she isn't going to be an architect and that David isn't going anywhere so they better get used to it.  They are officially back together.  She realizes that they are going to be fine as she tells her parents to back off and he comes to stand beside her in support.

Following dinner he takes her home to the condo he bought for them, she finally puts a wedding band on his finger and things are perfect.


It's a quick read without out a lot of twists and turns...pretty much just working out the marriage.  It wasn't a book that's gonna stick with me a long time but it wasn't horrible either.  I give it 3.5 stars.  If you're looking for something that's easy without a lot of drama then I would recommend this book to you.  If you're looking for a book about rock stars turned perfect husband then read this one.

My David / Evelyn


Favorite Quotes:

"It was for scientific purposes.  A kiss between friends for reasons of pure logic."
"It was a very friendly kiss, David."
"Yes, it was."

"Time is irrelevant where the heart is concerned."

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