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Giving It To The Bad Boy by Jenika Snow

Giving it to the Bad Boy (Tattooed and Pierced, #1)** 4 out of 5 Stars **


It all started when Kiera gave the bad boy her virginity...

Kiera knew Reese Trenton wasn't for her, but she couldn't stay away.  He was rough around the edges, tattooed and pierced, and fiercer than any guy she had ever met.  He knew too much about sex, got drunk, and started far too many fights.  He was a bad boy, but Kiera still wanted him in the worst kind of way.  

Reese's life is lonely, despite always being surrounded by people.  He's only wanted one thing, and that is Kiera Sheppard, the girl he has watched from afar for four years.  As they grow closer, Reese wants to give her everything and show her he is worthy of her love.  But his sordid past tears their bond and he doesn't know if he can redeem himself and show her she is the most important thing in his broken life.


Giving It To The Bad Boy was a short sweet read with just enough drama to keep it interesting.  You have your typical bad boy who loves to fight, drink, and screw around with any girl he can find.  But with Reese, all he is doing is filling a void in his life that belongs to the one girl who he will never be worthy enough for.  I saw where this book was headed.  Yes, it's a little cliche but I loved it anyway.  It takes place their senior year of high school just a few weeks before school is over.  It's told in both POV's and I loved getting Reese's opinion and emotions.  The book dragged a bit in some place but not so much that it bothered me.  I felt like I connected with both characters and I wanted an HEA for them.  Was this a book I couldn't put down?  No.  Was this a book I'd read again?  Definitely!  Overall this was a great little read to pass the time.  It's pretty much a fluffy love story but that's not a bad thing.  I enjoyed it.


Kiera is a senior in high school.  She's a curvy girl but not big (in my opinion).  She has dark hair and green eyes.  She's a wallflower, mousy and nerdy.  She's also stronger than she gives herself credit for.  She has to deal with a lot from the girls at school.

Reese is your typical bad boy.  He's 19, a senior in high school.  He likes to fight, drink, and sleep around.  He's almost revered at school because everyone is scared of him.  He's only 19 but already covered in ink and has his nipples pierced.  He has a terrible home life.  His dad is a drunk and his mother is an addict.  He has grown up with no one caring for him at all except the tattoo artist who has mentored him since he was 12.  He's cold and harsh on the outside but inside he's just a guy looking for love anywhere he can find it.

Kiera and Reese have gone to school together for 4 years.  She has a huge crush on him but has never had the nerve to talk to him.  She thinks he doesn't even know she exists.  She's very aware of his reputation and the trouble he stays in.   Reese has known Kiera existed since the day she stepped out of her brother's car the first day of school freshmen year.  He's been watching and wanting her from afar for years.  He think he's not worth her time and doesn't want to dirty up her life with his existence.

He wanted her in every way possible:  mentally, emotionally, and physically.

She attends a high school party (one of those out of control ones that only happen on tv and in books.  Seriously around here, we just had bonfires every weekend) and ends up in a compromising position outside.  A guy tries to take advantage of her and when that doesn't work she ends up under him on the ground.  His intent is to rape her and he would have succeed if Reese hadn't have showed up when he did.  Reese pulls the guy off her and then beats him within an inch of his life.  If you hadn't realized he had a thing for this girl yet, you'll notice it big time right here.  He takes her into the bathroom to clean her up and naturally the rumors begin to fly...courtesy of the girl he brought to the party.

The rumors are bad and the girls are nasty.  She leaves school and he skips with her.  After spending the day with him she realizes he isn't quite as bad as everyone thinks.  He realizes he's spent to much time in the shadows and now that he has her he isn't letting go.  He asks her to hang out again under the pretext of just friends and she agrees.

They go on their first date, share their first very intense kiss in a movie theater, and they talk.  He tells her he doesn't want to be her friend.  So they begin dating.  There is an incident a few weeks later where he's at a party and a girl throws herself at him and he pushes her off him.  She kisses him and he's still trying to get her away from him.  There's a fight between him and the girls boyfriend in which he beats the guy senseless.  You know this is going to end badly but you continue to pretend you're blind and keep reading...

He takes her virginity one night when her parents are out of town.

The girl from the party comes back with a bite a few days later.  Someone took pictures of the whole scene at the party.  Instead of showing what happened the pictures look incriminating.  She's showed the pictures and has her brother come get her from school.  She won't answer Reese's phone calls or text.  Her best friend calls and lets her know that Reese lost it at school and took off.  When he shows up at her house she's actually surprised.  I mean seriously!  Where else did you think he'd go?  He and her brother get in a fight in the front yard but he doesn't defend himself.  She tries to stop the fight and when her brother accidentally knocks her to the ground, Reese goes after her brother.  He's very protective of her.

They talk and she believes him but still tells him she needs space anyway.  Once she realizes that's not what she wants she tries to tell him but he won't let her talk and then he leaves.  For a week she tries to talk to him but he's giving her the space she asked for.  Finally having enough she tracks him down and they talk and admit they love each other.

The epilogue takes place a year later.  They are still together and she's away at school.  They spent the summer getting to know each other and when it came time for her to leave he went with her.  They live in a small apartment close to campus.  They are both enrolled in school and he's working supporting them.


I'm giving this one 4 Stars.  I loved the ending and I was glad to see where they ended up.  I liked the character development throughout the story.  We got to see how much Reese changed because of her.  If you like bad boys with tattoo then I recommend you give this book a try!

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She didn't know much about cars, but she knew he looked good driving it.