Thursday, October 24, 2013

3:AM Kisses by Addison Moore

3:AM Kisses (3:AM Kisses, #1)** 4 out of 5 Stars **


Baya Brighton is looking forward to her first year at Whitney Briggs University, new friends, dorm life, and finally being close to her brother again.  Love is the last thing on the list, but when Baya meets her brother's roommate she begins to have thoughts and feelings that make even her blush.

Bryson Edwards has a secret he prefers buried in the past and long forgotten.  He prefers loose girls, fast cars, and long nights working at the string of bars his family owns.  When his roommate's sister shows up on the scene, she's far too innocent and sweet for him but he can't shake Baya out of his mind and worse, it looks like she's seeping into his heart as well.

Baya seems determined to show her brother she's not a little kid and equally determined to use Bryson's body to prove her point.  It's been made pretty clear that Baya is off limits to Bryson but their undeniable sparks explode into a whole lot more than just a few 3:AM KISSES.


3:AM Kisses was a good book.  It wasn't knock you down amazing but it's worth the read.  You have your tortured hero who doesn't feel worthy of love and the naive virgin who falls for the bad boy.  I really liked both Bryson and Baya.  I like the way they were together.  I liked how he made a decision to be with her and then committed fully no matter the consequences.  The book is done in both POV's and the writing style is easy to follow.  It's a fairly short read with very little drama.  I would have liked an epilogue a few years later but I was satisfied with the ending.

There were a few things that I wasn't happy with...

  1. The man-whoring (by both Cole and Bryson)
  2. Bryson constantly with a girl even when she was around
  3. The notches on the wall...gross!
  4. Her brother...I couldn't stand Cole.  For a big brother who was so protective of his sister he acted like he could care less that she was around.
If you like college romances then give this one a try.  It was good, not the best I've ever read but worth a shot.  


Baya is a good girl beginning her freshman year of college.  She's 19 has brown hair and green eyes.  She's beautiful.  She's quirky, funny and a little on the naive side.  She's been sheltered her entire life by her overprotective brother.

Bryson is the extremely hot roommate to Baya's brother Cole.  He has brown hair, pale gray eyes, a beautiful smile when he actually does smile and tattoos.  He's a ladies man and has been through most of the women he goes to school with.  His family owns a series of bars he works at.  He's been through something tragic, feels a tremendous amount of guilt and feels he isn't worthy to love or be loved.

Baya and Bryson meet for the first time when she accidentally flashes him her fast day on campus.  He's immediately attracted to her (obviously) and trying to be a nice guy carries her bag to her dorm.  Upon entering her room they witness her roommate and some random guy hooking up (this is a going theme for the roommate).  He then takes her to see her brother.  Bryson is Cole's roommate.  The two of them together are making their way through the female population...Cole a little more so.

Something that just grossed me out was the notches on the wall.  The guys had a running tally on the wall in the hall keeping up with their conquests.  She can't believe her innocent brother is like this...refuses to believe it actually.  That is until he comes out of his room sweaty, ripe smelling with two females dragging up the rear.  Cole makes it known to Bryson right then that Baya is off limits...hypocrite much??

We find out very early in the book that Bryson is suffering some serious guilt.  It takes most of the book to understand what's going on but we know it deals with a girl named Stephanie from high school.  She had a best friend named Aubree who is in school with Bryson, in love with him, and a huge reminder of what happened.

Baya shows up at a party where Bryson is and he tries talking to her but she pretty much ignores him.  After he gets jealous and pulls her away from another guy she's flirting with her offers her a job.  He wants her to waitress at one of the bars his family owns.  He has his reasons for doing it but he uses the whole "I need to protect her like my little sister" theme...even though his thoughts aren't sibling related.

Weeks pass and they are getting to know each other at work and at school.  Her porn star roommate is still having sex with random boys no matter if she's in the room or not.  Having had enough she packs her stuff up and heads to her brothers.  Once arriving she comes face to face with a girl coming out of Bryson's room.  While her and Bryson are having an awkward conversation she some how ends up getting sponsored by the girl to pledge a sorority.  They spend the morning together having breakfast and going to a place away from school that turns out to be their place.  He is falling for her and he wants to be the guy she spends forever with but he knows he can't.

Their first kiss is intense.  It happens in the parking lot outside the bar at 3 AM.  It's more like a series of kisses that last until the sun comes up.  They intend to just be "kissing buddies" and don't speak about it.  He throws his man-whoring ways in her face the following day when she comes home and he and her brother both have girls over watching a movie.  She dolls herself up in the bathroom but she's inexperienced at it and the girls make fun of her.  The boys don't say anything but once the movie is over Bryson sends the girl home and spends the evening with Baya.  He ends up inviting her home for the weekend to meet his family but they will have to lie about where they are going.  At this point he's just looking for any excuse to be near her without getting in trouble with the brother.  He wants to be around her 24/7.

I've waited years for a kiss just like this one--an entire lifetime.  I had never had a kiss that mattered so much--that I've craved so badly before and now I know why--Baya wasn't there to give it.

They end up on what's pretty much a date.  They go to their secret place and there he tells her he's giving up his running tally and holding out for someone special and he hopes she understands it's her.  He finally tells her that he wants her and he's done fighting.  He makes the decision to be with her he's all matter the consequences.  He also tells her he's falling for her and he wants everything she's willing to give.  Her feelings are the same and they officially become a couple.  They keep things quiet for awhile afraid of how Cole is gonna handle it but unwilling to give each other up.

I'm in.  Screw Cole and his big brother shadow.  Baya is going to have someone in her life one day, and I'd move heaven and earth for that someone to be me.

He makes the mistake of telling Aubree he has a girlfriend and who.  You know it's going to come back on him but he's so happy that he's found someone to love and love him back that he just doesn't care.  He takes her home with him and he meets his sister and mother.  We find out a little about that dark cloud hanging over his head.  Stephanie was something to him and he loved her but she's dead.  He still won't talk to her about it.  They end up spending a night alone together when his mother is called away for an emergency and he finally takes her virginity.  He's very sweet about it and the entire encounter is hot!

Once home, they decide to throw caution to the wind and head to his room after her brother goes to bed.  They are in the middle of messing around when her brother comes barging into the room catching them.  Her brother throws punch after punch.  He tells him to stay away from his sister.  Baya and Cole fight and she storms out.  Cole stops her and just tells her to not do anything with him that night.  She goes into check on Bryson and they spend the night cuddling in bed.

Baya has to meet Aubree for her initiation into the sorority at midnight.  She leaves the bar and Bryson and heads to the bridge they are meeting at.  Aubree is in love with Bryson and isn't happy about him being with Baya.  She tells Baya that she stopped him from being with Stephanie the same way she is going to stop him being with Baya...then pushes her off the bridge.

It's 2:30 and Baya's friend is worried because she isn't back yet.  She ends up telling Bryson where she went and he's instantly on alert.  He knows something isn't wrong.  He makes it to the bridge and sees her floating in the water.  He jumps in after her.  She's unconscious but breathing.  He puts her in the car and gets her to the hospital.  While waiting on the doctor he and their friends begin to realize that Aubree is behind it all.  When she comes too she tells him what Aubree told her and he goes crazy.  He ends up telling her the full story.  Stephanie was his best friend growing up.  Once they got older they decided to try dating but spent as much time on as they did off.  He loved her but it wasn't ever really serious.  They were in the middle of a break up when Aubree pushed her off a cliff.  He blamed himself.  Aubree is arrested for manslaughter.

2 weeks pass and she has completely healed.  They go to the cemetery together and he says goodbye to Stephanie.  They are moving in together in the apartment next door to her brother.  And that's it...

My Bryson / Baya


Favorite Quotes:

Baya Brighton has cast her spell whether she's aware of it or not, and, now, the only thing left to do is to figure out how the hell to break it.
I don't think I can.
I don't think I want to.

"Sometimes when you take a risk, great things happen--mountains move, and you see exactly what you've been waiting for, right there, in front of you."