Monday, November 25, 2013

A Holiday Break

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone Thank You!  You have made my first year as a blogger amazing!  It is such a blessing to be able to do this and the response has been amazing.  I have many things planned next year to take my blog to the next level and I will be so excited to share these things with you.

Because the holidays are fast approaching I do have a small announcement.  Because of Thanksgiving (and the day after), Christmas, and so many birthdays from this point until the first of the year I'm gonna be extremely busy.  Being a mom to two elementary school boys also requires Christmas programs, teacher's gift, dozens of cookies and treats baked, Christmas parades, etc.  Then you throw in Christmas shopping...there just aren't enough hours in the day!  As much as I enjoy blogging I will be spending the holidays with my family.

What does this mean for my blog?  Well, I won't be writing anymore reviews until January.  Honestly it will probably take from now until January to read a single book lol.  I'll be back as soon as my kids return to school.  I hope everyone has a very safe and happy holidays!

**With love,