Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let It Be Me by Toni Aleo

Let it be Me** 5 out of 5 Emotional/ Heart Breaking Stars **


Do you see that woman there?  The one with long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes that used to sparkle?  That's me, Violet Moore.

Do you see those men over there?  One is my husband, Rob.   A man who claimed he loved me, but proved his fist loved me more.  The other is Tucker McCloud, my savior and confidant.  I'm torn between what's right and my own fear.  But not anymore.  

I'm taking my life back now.
I will fight back.
I will be happy.


What an emotional train wreck this book turned out to be...and I totally mean that in a good way.  I knew going in what this book was about.  I wasn't even a little prepared for what was in store.  This book is real and raw.  It's emotional.  It will cut you open just to watch you bleed.  It killed me and after reading it I'm pretty sure I've lost a part of me forever.  Yes, it's that gut wrenching.  You can't prepare for a book like this.  Violet is an amazing heroine.  She's been beaten for years.  She has the same mind set that a lot of abused women have.  I at times got so mad at her.  I just wanted to shake her at times and scream, "Leave him!!!" but I know there's more to it than that.  She's suffered mental, physical and emotional abuse from the one man who was supposed to love her until her dying breath.  When she finally found her feet and stood up for herself I wanted to scream and shout for her!  Tucker...wow, just wow.  He's book boyfriend material.  So patient and kind.  All he wanted was to help her, to fix everything but he understood that she needed to do it on her own to reclaim herself.  He fell for her instantly and had no issues waiting on her.  I loved him.  I loved the way this book is written.  It's done from Violet's POV and it's as if she's sitting in front of you telling you her story.  At times, I would want to skim and hurry up so I didn't have to live the nightmare that was her life any longer but she kept me pulled in.  Her husband Rob is a nightmare.  This man deserves a spot in the 7th circle of hell.  How someone can treat someone like that I'll never know.

Things I loved:

  1. Tucker--So loving, patient, and supportive...even when he was hurting
  2. Violet--Standing ovation for the woman who took her life back and beat her situation.
  3. The banter between Violet and Tucker...so sweet
  4. The Epilogue...AMAZING!!
Things I hated:
  1. ROB...Geez I hate this guy!  Who the heck did he think he was??!
  2. The amount of abuse--constantly beating her.  Necessary for the story but so hard to read.
This is an amazing book!  I recommend that you read it...simple as that.  I gave it 5 stars but it deserves more.  You need to prepare yourselves for the roller coaster this book will take you on.  It will not be a fun journey but you will not be able to put it down.


I need to say this.  If you or someone you know is in a situation like this one...get them some help.  Even if you're not sure.  People don't walk into doors or fall down the stairs on a weekly basis.  Go with your instincts and your gut.  If you are in a situation like this...do what you have to and leave.  I know it's scary and it's going to be hard but there are so many resources available today that can help you.  You're too important to let someone abuse you.  This isn't judgement and no I've never personally been there but I have friends that have.  The first step in taking your life back is removing yourself from the situation.  Have faith in yourself...YOU are STRONG enough to fight for your life!  Be Blessed!



Violet has wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and is pretty...or at least she used to be in her opinion.  She's been abused for years by the one man who should always protect her.  She's stuck in a life she wants out of but is to scared to leave.  She eventually begins to believe she can change the situation with the help of Tucker.  

Tucker has light brown hair, brown eyes and he's gorgeous.  He's a doctor in the doctor's office Violet works in.  He's sweet, charming, protective, patient and caring.  He's the perfect book boyfriend.  I loved him the first time I met him.

Let It Be Me begins with a prologue in which Violet is being beaten badly.  Her husband has her on the ground hitting and kicking her.  It's here that we see her get up and begin to fight back.  Going back a few months in chapter one she tells us how things begin.  How sweet Rob was in the beginning, how she was his world.  He literally changed over night.  She spent her honeymoon covering her face after he hit her.  They have to leave Colorado, which is where her family is, after Rob beats a guy badly after catching him giving Violet a hug.  They move to Tennessee.

Rob is dangerous and on the power trip from hell.  I swear if I had to see "You're Mine" one more time I was going to scream.  He beats her but he's also mentally abusive.  Some of the things that he says to her just made me sick.  How can any human being be that cold?  She believes she's not worth anything because that's all he's told her for years.  It doesn't take much to set him off, pretty much just looking at her will do it.  She's terrified of him and at points just wishes he would kill her so that she can get away from it.  

She takes a job at a family practice as the office manager.  Rob doesn't like this because she will be out of his sight during the day.  Her first day she finds out that the doctor is retiring and is replacing himself with his son.  There is an instant connection from the moment they meet which scares her because she's felt nothing for so long.  Working with him is hard because of how strong her attraction is to him.  

It doesn't take Tucker long to start noticing the bruises.  When he asks her what happened she plays it down but he's still curious.  Her husband tells her to stay away from him but she just can't.  I'm going to focus on their relationship...just know that throughout all of this she is being beaten repeatedly.  They have a meeting to go over some office issues and he hits on her.  When she tells him she's married he backtracks with an imaginary girlfriend then makes a quick exit.  As they are leaving for the night, he goes to touch her face and she flinches.  He knows somethings up but she runs to her car and drives away before he can ask her about it.  

It's not long before Tucker gets to see Rob in action.  As Tucker is walking up to them at the Christmas party, Rob is gripping her arm tightly and being ugly to her.  He at one point smacks her hand away and Tucker steps in.  She knows this isn't good and what's coming.  Rob doesn't disappoint.  He pulls to the side of the road and beats her.  She misses several days of work because of the damage.  The problem is she's gotten tired of it.  She's beginning to fight back and she's become mouthy.  She feels like Tucker is her way out but she can't tell him.  Their feelings have grown pretty intense but she's constantly lying to him about the marks on her.  She ends up having to go into work for something and she's alone until Tucker comes in.  His first question is, "What happened to your eye?", she gives him a pitiful excuse and it's obvious he doesn't believe her.  He comes right out and asks her if Rob is hitting her.  They end up almost kissing in her office but he hears something and goes to check it out.  While he's gone she makes up her mind to tell him.  When she looks up at the door though, it's Rob standing there and not Tucker.  

Her grandmother dies and Rob being the douche he is refuses to let her go home to the funeral.  Here we begin to see what she's capable of.  Tucker gives her the money to go home and she boards a plane headed home without telling Rob.  When she returns things aren't good.  Lucky for her though, a conference out of town for a few days with Tucker is just what she needs.  They leave town.  She's left notes and messages for Rob but he's refusing to answer her but she goes anyway.  They end up having a great weekend.  She meets Tucker's brother.  Tucker has fallen hard for her.  He's to the point of now asking her to leave her husband and be with him.  She and his brother have a talk and he tells her not to hurt him, if she can't give herself fully then walk away.  She makes a promise and ends up breaking it that night.

Things get heated between them and after a few too many drinks one thing leads to another and they end up having sex.  As amazing as it was she knows it can't continue for his safety and hers.  She knows she's going to have to hurt him to get away from him.  He begs her to stay with him.  He tells her that she owns him and leaving will crush him.  He tells her he loves her and he's been her's since the moment they laid eyes on each other.  He tells her she is his world and begs her to take a chance on him.  She straight up lies to him and tells him that she loves Rob and leaves for home.  Those words destroy him.  I felt so sorry for him.  He tells her in texts that he needs time to get over what they could have been.  

When she gets home, Rob is angry.  She tries to get away from him but he rapes her against the wall causing a lot of damage.  Now she feels completely alone because she's destroyed the one relationship she could count own.  She goes on as if it didn't happen.  Things aren't better with her and Tucker either.  He's avoiding her like the plague.  He's crushed but when she asks him how to fix them he simply tells her to stop lying to him.  

She goes to the doctor and finds out that Rob gave her an STD.  I mean seriously?!  Then he does exactly what I knew he would and accuses her of sleeping around and then beats her for it.  She's had it with Rob and Tucker.  Tucker calls a meeting at work but completely ignores her.  She storms in his office and they argue until she begins to cry.  When she asks him what he wants from her, he tells her he just wants all of her. and he can't pretend he isn't hurting and that he doesn't love her.  He begs her to choose him.  She has finally gotten to a point where she can't lie to him and tells him everything.   Tucker goes from being distant to being her backbone in a matter of seconds.  After arguing, begging and threatening to kill Rob he finally agrees to do this her way.  He is going to support her and when she's left Rob and has had time to heal then they will have their time and they will be happy.  

"Don't you now we belong together?  I would love you until my dying day, Violet.  We could be the forever kind of couple.  I believe that, because my love is soul deep for you.  Let it be me, Violet.  Let me be the one to love you forever...Just please, let it be me.  Pick me.  Love me."

For awhile the book just goes on with the beatings, Tucker trying to help her and taking her to meetings for abused women.  She finally gets the nerve to leave him after one of those meetings.  She is in a hurry and is trying to pack before he gets home.  He slips in without her knowing it and beats her badly but she's done being his punching bag.  She hits him with a vase and knocks him out cold and runs going straight to Tucker.  They drive toward her mom's for hours and end up in a hotel to rest.  They sleep together and then she takes him to the airport before finishing the drive.  She asks him to go with her but she knows he's leaving.  He wants her to find herself, heal, and learn to love herself so that she can give herself fully to him when she's ready.  He tells her he's walking away because he knows she'll come back to him one day.  She makes it to her moms.

8 months have passed.  She's living in her grandparent's old farm house.  Her mother and Tucker are the only ones who know where she is.  Rob has tried repeatedly to find her and refuses to sign the divorce papers.  She's going to meetings and has become the one who tells other girls to leave.  She's strong and she loves herself again.  She misses Tucker.  They haven't seen each other since the night she left but they do talk.  

While on the phone with him one night Rob shows up while they are making plans to spend a weekend together.  She screams and Tucker hears her before Rob destroys her phone.  He beats her and knocks her out and then takes her back to Tennessee to their old house.  He found her through her lawyers office and kills the girl from there he brought with him right in front of her.  Tucker shows up but the fight isn't going well.  She finds the gun and shots and kills Rob.  Tucker isn't breathing and she calls 911 and then passes out.

She wakes up in the hospital asking about Tucker.  Just as she's about to loose it thinking he's dead he steps into her line of sight.  He tells her he can't live without her any longer and they are officially together.  

The epilogue occurs 8 years later.  She and Tucker are happily married with twins.  She is head of a place for battered women which Tucker helps with.  She was put on trial for the murder of her husband and found not guilty.  She finally got the husband and the life she deserved.

My Tucker / Violet


Favorite Quotes:

His eyes are bright shining beacons and I'm the dumb ass bug drawn to them.

"You deserve the world, Violet, the whole damn thing and I know I can give it to you."