Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tell Me Why by Sydney Snow (Lacey Wetherford)

Tell Me Why** 5 out of 5 Stars **


Anna Vasquez has had enough.  Torn after finding out her best friend committed suicide, she's determined to find out why this horrible thing has happened.  But when she falls for her best friend's brother, Caleb, she learns a terrible secret.  Suddenly she's left with questions and wondering if love really can conquer all.


I almost didn't buy this book.  It was one of those books I went back and forth over since I had already reached my spending limit for books this month. (My husband seems to think he has me and my limit under control...right, he'd actually have to take my card away for that!)  So I bought it and I'm glad I did.  From the first sentence I was hooked.  The prologue was horrible but not in the way your thinking.  I was floored, crushed and devastated for Anna within minutes.  This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions.  It was smooth sailing for awhile then the bottom fell out from under me and I'm still reeling from the twist this book took.  The writing style was excellent and it's written in dual POV.  I loved the H/h and some of the secondary characters.  It was suspenseful, drama packed, heartbreaking, emotional, with a great love story to boot.  If you haven't already put this book on your TBR list I suggest you do it now.

Things I loved...

  1. The relationship between Anna and Caleb...even when they weren't together
  2. The loyalty to her best friend...even though she's gone.
  3. The plot twist...I never say that but this one was a doosey.  If it can make me go "WTH" then it's something.
  4. The ending
Things I hated...
  1. The plot twist (lol)...I hated what the suicide note did to him
  2. Caleb's father...what an a**hat!
I'm giving this book 5 stars because it's amazing.  You have everything within those pages that a good book should have and it will stay with you after you've finished.


Anna is a beautiful girl with long dark hair and dark eyes.  She's 18 about to graduate high school, and high on life.  She is the lead singer in a band with her best friend Jessi's step brother Caleb.  She's been in love with Caleb for years but he's shone no reason to believe he feels the same.

Caleb is the protector.  He's always looked out for Jessi and Anna.  He considers Anna one of his best friends.  He has longish, shaggy black hair and blue eyes.  He's 21.  He's the lead guitarist in his band.  He's been in love with Anna for awhile but she's his step sister's best friend, and he feels like she's a little to young for him so he suffers in silence.

The book begins in tragedy.  Anna finds her best friend Jessi after she's committed suicide.  Caleb and his mother are also there.  Everyone is devastated.  Caleb and Anna are close and he tries to comfort her throughout the entire situation and at the funeral.  She doesn't understand why Jessi would do it.  Caleb has his own grief to deal with as well.  

After the funeral, Caleb finds Jessi's suicide note in his lyric book.  She explains why she did it and he's overcome with guilt believing he's to blame...and in a way he is.  As his penance he has to bare this secret alone.  He knows that if he tells Anna what happened he will loose her completely.  Even though they aren't together he's still in love with her and he'll take what he can get just to be near her.  So he begins his journey of torment by lying to the woman he loves to protect her and to keep from losing her.  

He puts distance between them and she can't stand it.  She's suffering and feels like she's lost them both.  They spend an evening together talking and she tells him she can't loose him.  He lets her know that loosing him isn't an option.  Before he tells her what he's feeling he leaves.  She chases after him and he kisses her.  It's not a light one, it's hungry and desperate.  He kisses her as if she's the air he breaths.  After the kiss he apologizes to her and tells her he lost control and it will never happen again.  He leaves her standing there alone and confused.  

He puts more distance between them.  He's drinking a lot, trying to deal with the pain from Jessi and from what he's feeling for Anna.  It's getting harder and harder to ignore what he's feeling.  His band mate tells him he's going to ask Anna out and that causes him to go off.  The guy wasn't serious though, he just wanted him to admit he loved her.  Everyone knows they are crazy about each other.  She comes over to talk to him and they end up on his bed kissing.  He finally gives into what he's feeling and they officially become a couple.   From here things move pretty fast.  I love you's come quickly, things are great between them, he wants her to move in with him after she graduates and eventually asks her to do so in which she agrees.  Things are fine up until the night of her graduation.

Graduation night is the night.  They've waited to have sex until his test results came back.  He's made it as romantic as possible.  He's as excited and nervous as she is.  He wants nothing more than to make her his in every way that counts.  She goes to borrow a t shirt from him while he's cooking.  Inside that drawer she finds the suicide note and it changes everything in an instant.  I didn't see this coming.  I thought of every possible reason Jessi would commit suicide but this wasn't on that list.  I was floored and dumbfounded.  Never in a million years did I see it coming.


Inside that suicide note...
Jessi was running away from her mom and step dad fighting.  Something needed to be known is that Caleb is only Jessi's step brother--his father, her mother.  She did what she always does and went to Caleb's apartment.  He was passed out from drinking and she crawled into bed with him like she'd done a million times and went to sleep.  She woke up later on to him kissing her.  They ended up having sex.  He doesn't remember any of it but she knew what was happening since she was completely sober.  Jessi was also in love with Caleb.  She let it happen because she wanted it to.  She thought he'd finally felt something for her until he called out Anna's name in the middle of it.  She left before he woke up and he didn't remember so she never brought it up.  She ended up pregnant with Caleb's baby.  She knew he'd do the honorable thing and marry her even though he was in love with someone else.  She committed suicide to escape the situation.

This is what I was feeling after reading that letter...

Anna confronts him about it and does exactly what I would have done...she ran like hell!  When I say ran I mean ran.  She left him with him begging to let him explain.  She went home to her parents, changed her college plans and boards a plane for California.  She left the state to get away from him.  She's devastated...this was her best friend and the love of her life after all.  She doesn't tell him she's leaving and he finds out from her mother.  Devastated is an understatement.  I felt so sorry for this guy.  He's committed an act that he doesn't remember.  He's lost his "sister" and his baby then in the time it takes to blink he went from planning their life together with Anna to having absolutely nothing.  

She's living in California trying to move on, he's doing the same but hoping she'll come back...more like waiting.  He ends up getting into a fight with his dad over his step mom and his dad shoots him in the head.  It only grazes him but it was close.  She doesn't even call him when she finds out, just sends him a text message.  He tells her he'll be waiting when she decides if she can forgive him or not.

I lost some respect for her here.  I understand why she left but dang!  A month passes and they haven't spoken.  She's been hanging out with her roommate and her boyfriend and his best friend.  She's asked out on a date and she refuses at first but then finally accepts.  (REALLY??!!!)  The guy kisses her and she feels absolutely nothing.  It's then that she realizes that Caleb is the only one for her and she has the guy take her home.  She makes a decision, calls her mom and is coming home after the semester is over.   Meanwhile, the band has gotten to opportunity to record for a record California.  He goes to her mother to get her address.  He's had enough, he's given her enough time, he wants his girlfriend back.  Her mother tells him what Anna has decided but he heads to California with his band.  He has no intention of waiting on her to come home.  He's going to her.  

She opens the door to him and lets him in.  He explains everything and she eventually forgives him completely.  He spends the night and they finally make love to each other.  It's sweet and passionate.  They spend the rest of the night and most of the morning making up for lost time.  He takes her with him to his meeting and she's still a member of the band.

The epilogue occurs some time later.  They are one of the hottest bands out there.  He proposes to her on stage one night at a show and she accepts.

My Caleb / Anna