Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fighting Temptation by K.C. Lynn

Fighting Temptation (Men of Honor, #1)** 4 out of 5 Stars **

**WARNING:  Spoilers ahead!  Read at your own risk!

Julia Sinclair is your typical innocent good girl with a heart of gold. At sixteen she moved to Sunset Bay, South Carolina, to live with her Grams after losing her mother to cancer. This is where she met some of the best friends she will ever have and one in particular who will forever hold her heart. 

Jaxson Reid is your typical tattooed bad boy. His past and soul is as dark as the tattoos he bares. He flies through life and girls with no attachments and no emotions... until he met her. 

One fateful night brought Julia and Jaxson together. They formed a friendship and a bond so strong it was unbreakable. Jaxson fought the temptation of anything more with Julia because he knew he would never be good enough for her. When he found his control slipping he left the one girl, who meant everything to him, to join the Navy. 

But one passion-filled night has Jaxson letting go of fighting temptation which will forever alter their relationship. 

A few years later Jaxson comes home to make things right with the one girl who’s ever meant anything to him. Except someone isn't happy that Jaxson has returned. Someone who thinks Julia is theirs and they will stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way... forever. 

Now Jaxson will not only fight to protect Julia but will also battle the new and existing demons that haunt his soul. 

My Review...

This little gem came out of nowhere.  I didn't really know what I was getting into with this one.  I figured it was a story about first love and second chances.  It definitely is that but it's also got a ton of depth and suspense in it to.  I loved the writing style.  Lately I've been reading book that just haven't been well written.  This book wasn't like that at all.  It had all the major things I look for.  The characters were developed as well as the secondary characters.  I was as interested in Cooper and Kayla as I was Jax and Jules.  The author kept the book following, not spending to much unnecessary time in place that she shouldn't have.  I was taken through a series of emotions with this book.  I felt like I was in the story with them.  I loved the hero and heroine.  I hate books with a wimpy heroine.  The hero does something so stupid that you wonder if you were in her place you'd be able to forgive and just like that she forgives and things are perfect.  It's nice when a heroine makes him work for her forgiveness.  I also love when a hero is willing to do anything to get that forgiveness.  This man would have crawled over hot coals to make her happy.  He couldn't live without her and would give his life to be with her.  I love alpha males and he filled this role perfectly.  He's protective and possessive at the right times but gentle with her when he needs to be.  He did have a bit of a temper though.  The epilogue was beautiful and I loved that they moved forward into the life they were meant to have.

The only thing that really bothered me about this book was the language.  I'm not usually big on this.  It's in most of the books I read.  The author almost was over the top with it.  I realize he's a Navy Seal but the phrase "curses like a sailor" was taken to a whole new level.  It seemed like he was dropping the f bomb every other sentence.  He used another word I absolutely hate (with a passion) about as frequently.  This took away from the book for me.  There were points that I just wanted to stop reading no matter how good this book was simply because I was sick of the vulgarity.  You don't have to use THAT WORD to sell books.  I would have loved this story without it.  You'll know what I'm talking about when it keeps popping up over and over again.

Things I loved:

  1. All things Jax
  2. Making him work for her forgiveness but knowing when it was time to give in
  3. His loyalty to his friends and definitely to her
  4. His protectiveness
Things I didn't like:
  1. Wyatt--This guy was completely off his rocker
  2. The language
I would definitely recommend this book.  If it's not on your list then go one click it.  You'll love it.  I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars.  This would have hands down been a 5 star book if it hadn't been for the vulgarity.  If you  don't have issues with that amount of language then it won't be a problem for you.  I just can't stomach that amount of it.  It's a personal preference.  I can't wait to read Cade and Sawyer's stories.

Book Summary...

Julia is the girl next door.  She has long dark hair and she's beautiful.  She's sweet, smart and caring.  She has one weakness and that's the bad boy she's been in love with since she was 17.

But Jaxson and I formed a bond, one that was so strong it was unbreakable.  I unconditionally and irrevocably loved every damaged part of him.  And for the boy, who didn't believe in love, he would always and forever have mine.

Jaxson is the towns mysterious bad boy.  He's tattooed, drives a motorcycle and is gorgeous.  He doesn't do relationships mainly because there isn't a substitute for the woman he's unwilling to admit he's in love with.  He is a Navy Seal.  Alpha male only covers bits of how this man really is.  He's strong and loyal.  He loves fiercely without realizing that's what he's feeling.  He's possessive over Jules.  He has a filthy, filthy, vulgar mouth.  I mean seriously...I don't think he could have dropped the f bomb or the one other word I absolutely can't stand anymore if he tried.  You'll know that word I'm talking about when you read it 5 million times.

Jax and Jules meet when she's 16 and he's 18.  She ends up in a bad situation and he saves her from something that would have changed her life...rape.  After this they have an instant connection.  The become best friends.  He's the town screw up and she's miss perfect but they are a perfect fit.  She falls madly in love with him.  Two years into the friendship he realizes that he's fallen for her.  He doesn't think he's good enough for her so he tells her a few days before he's to leave that he has joined the Navy.  She's heartbroken.  They spend his last night together and fearing that she may never see him again she kisses him.  Things get hot and heavy until she tells him she loves him.  They fight and he shuts down.  He takes her home and then leaves.  The next morning she meets him at the dock and they make up but then he's gone.

I never thought someone so good and genuine existed until her.  The more I saw of her the more I became addicted to her.  Every time I was around her she would destroy some of the darkness that lurked inside of me.  She made the bad shit in my life seem not so terrible.  Then, before I knew it, I had fallen for a girl from another world.

6 months later she surprises him at his graduation.  They spend the night together and he ends up taking her virginity.  The following morning he leaves and they don't speak again for several years.  Five years after their night together he is hurt in Iraq and she flies out to see him but he refuses to see her.  He has his reasons but she's so hurt and broken that she ends their friendship and flies home.

One year later he shows up at her house with he intention of making things right.  She's not expecting him so she's shocked and angry to see him standing in her kitchen.  She's dating a guy named Wyatt and when she tells him she thought Jax was him he explodes...this is the one guy he begged her to stay away from before he left.

Wyatt is a violent guy.  The night she decides to break it off with him he grabs her and throws her down.  Jax, knowing this was how he'd respond, shows up and beats the guy senseless then takes her to the hospital.  He is very protective.  It doesn't matter if she wants him to be or not.  He has no intention of letting her out of his sight.  At this point she just needed to accept that he wasn't leaving her again and getting rid of him was gonna be impossible.

"Sir you can't come in, you have to wait out here."
"I don't think so lady.  I go where she goes." 

Once she's out of the hospital they begin to slowly build their relationship again.  He promises he's going to fix their friendship but it's slowly moving in an altogether different direction.  After several threatening situations to her safety he moves into her house with her to keep her safe.  Over time they get back to normal and begin a relationship.  He realizes that she's not gonna stay single forever and if he wants her then he needs to stake his claim.  I've got to say that the sex scenes in this book are HOT!

Strange things begin happening.  She receiving hang up calls.  One night they awaken to someone in the house.  While Jax is chasing the guy through the yard, she discovers a creepy and disturbing scene in her kitchen. His goal is to protect her from Wyatt at all costs.

And then things get rocky for them...and this is how I felt about how he handled the next issue that came up.

This puts a strain on their relationship.  Adding to that strain some very unneeded stress, she finds out she's pregnant.  Normally this would be a great thing but Jax doesn't want kids.  I liked that she didn't beat around the bush or wait weeks to tell him.  She went straight home and told him when she found out.  His reaction however was horrible.  He gets angry, throws things, and is really mean to her.  He says horrible things going as far as telling her he doesn't want the baby.  After throwing his little fit he takes off leaving her sobbing on the floor.

While he's gone Wyatt runs her and her best friend off the road and kidnaps her.  He gets back to town and they go after her.  He makes it to her but not before she's chained to a bed and brutally beaten.  He finds her without a pulse.  It's then he realizes how much he really loves her and he can't live without her.  She wakes up in the hospital to him rubbing her belly and telling the baby how much he loves it and how he will always protect them.

When she's released from the hospital he takes her somewhere special and asks her to marry him.  In the epilogue that happens 9 months later they are already married and she goes into labor.  They have a sweet baby girl named Annabelle.  For someone who was so set against having kids, he's the perfect father and doesn't want anyone else holding the all.

My Jax/Jules