Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Clarity by M. Clark

My Clarity** 5 out of 5 Stars **

**WARNING:  Spoilers ahead!  Please read at your own risk!

Still reeling form the death of her father, Alexandria hopes to find both independence and reprieve from her grief by heading off to college.  However life throws her a serious curveball when she discovers that her roommate isn't quite the person she had imagined.

Smoking, tattoos, and street racing for fast cash are Elijah's only interests.  A harsh life has made him apathetic and indifferent, until Alexandria enters his life.  When their paths cross, turmoil abounds.

An inevitable encounter, an undeniable attraction, and an unexpected chance at love--will it be enough?


This was an amazing book.  It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it was wonderful.  You'll fall in love with both the H/h.  I couldn't put it down.  I wanted Alex to find her happiness and I wanted Elijah to find the one person who could heal him.  They were perfect together.  I love college romance stories.  I love stories about the bad boy who falls for the girl whose to good for him.  This book had everything I love in a book with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure.  It's keeps you drawn into it, it isn't that long, and it's easy to follow.  I enjoyed getting to know the H/h and the friendship turned love that they built.  I liked the side characters aside from Liam.  I felt connected and engaged at all times.  My favorite part of this book was the epilogue.  I love them when they occur several years after they meet.  I loved it.  It was everything I thought it would be.

If you're looking for a great book about a college romance and a bad boy who will make you swoon then this book is for you.  I'm giving it 5 Stars because I loved everything about it!  Check it out!


Alex had a great life up until the day she lost her dad.  She has great friends, a boyfriend.  She blonde haired with blue eyes.  Once her dad passes things change for her.  She decides to move away to college to find herself.  She's spunky and she will stand up for herself to a point.  She's also naive at times and will let her boyfriend continue to hurt her.

Elijah is the typical bad boy.  He's a smokes.  He drives a motorcycle and has tattoos and is into street racing.  He is mysterious and broody.  He seems hard on the outside but he's been through the death of his younger brother and his mother's suicide.  Underneath he has a huge heart and is loyal to his friends.

The prologue...

Alex is in with her dying father.  He has always been a smoker and is dying of lung cancer.  He gives her many words of wisdom before he passes away while they hold each other.  It's sad and emotional.

"...Look for me there when you need me.  You keep me there until you can replace me with a guy who will love you as much as I do.  Who will love you for all your goodness and your faults.  Who will make you feel like you're the center of his world.  Who will give you the best of him and all of him.  Promise me."

Alex arrives at her college and her apartment she's to share with her cousin Jimmy's old roommate.  She doesn't know anything about her other than her name is Ellie and she's supposed to be a good person.  It's been 3 months since she lost her father and the pain is still very present.  She has a boyfriend named Liam who is 3 hours away (a complete douchebag) and she's in a new town with no friends.  Her new apartment is littered with withering bodies and people in various state of sexual situations.  She meets Lexy, a friend of Ellie's, but also her contact from her cousin.  She also meets Elijah.  He's quiet and broody and doesn't leave the best impression.  He comes across as cold.  While in party central she comes across people having sex in her bed but her roommate doesn't show up.  Ellie's friends keep saying she'll meet Ellie soon enough.  I had a feeling where this was going.

The next morning she wakes up and finds Elijah in her bathroom.  Thinking that he is Ellie's boyfriend she doesn't think much of it.  Elijah finally tells her about Ellie.  Elijah is Ellie.  It's a nick name all the frat boys got when pledging.  He's just as surprised as Alex that he will be living with a girl.  There is an instant attraction from both sides but he doesn't want to go there because she is Jimmie's cousin and he respects his friend.  Not to mention she has a boyfriend.

It doesn't take him long to start becoming protective.  He feels a need to protect her playing it off as being her roommate and someone needs to watch out for her.  They begin to bond and become friends.  Enter the boyfriend and the jealousy that he doesn't enjoy having.  He meets the douchebag at a karaoke bar while he's pretty much singing a song to her that could be intimate if looked at right.

Thought I'd share :)  Enjoy!  Awesome song!

When her boyfriend shows up he's completely inconsiderate.  He's over half the day late and brings his friends.  He's also flirting openly with one of the girls he brought with him.  He's also an insensitive prick.  She breaks down about her dad and has to get some air.  Elijah ends up being the one to comfort her which makes Liam fighting mad.  He demands that she move out and when she refuses it causes a huge fight.

Elijah likes to street race.  He knows it's dangerous but needs the money to pay the bills.  He doesn't want Alex to know about this let alone be in the middle of it.  We find out that he does it because of school but also it started when he needed to pay the bills when his younger brother Evan was sick.  He lost his brother to cancer and then his mom committed suicide...all within the last year.

The lines begin to blur.  After a race he kisses her in the moment which only leads him to want her more than he already did.  She's falling for him and he's falling for her.  They go through this for awhile.  He's caught outside a party with some chick, her boyfriend is still in the mix even though she doesn't want to be with him and all the while they are falling hard for each other.

Things change between them one night when a carton of milk is spilled on the floor.  Things get hot and heavy between them until she blurts that she's a virgin.  After this he backs off and becomes distant and cold which hurts her.  He kisses other girls in front of her and even goes so far to bring one of them home knowing she'll be there.  He's trying to make a point that they can't be together.  After the girl comes home with him things become almost unbearable living together.  She begins looking for another place and he doesn't like it but thinks it's probably best.  He admits nothing happened with the girl and he sent her home and apologizes but she's beyond hurt at this point and knows he has to fix it.

She finally breaks up with the douchebag but moves out as soon as she returns from Christmas break.  He was happy to have her back until he realized she was gone.  He's miserable without her and realizes that he wants her and now he can have her so he decides to go after her.  His ex shows up claiming to be pregnant (not his) and he can't be mean and turn her away.  He leaves her in the apartment while he hunts Alex.  Naturally this is the exact moment Alex decides to show up at his door.  The ex tells her she's pregnant but doesn't bother to tell her it isn't his.  She's devastated and he furious when he finds out.  He finally tracks her down.  He tells her that he's been waiting to stake his claim for awhile but she was involved with someone else.  He tells her he wants to be with her, wants her to move home, and that he loves her.

"I don't need material things.  Ever since I lost my family, that is all I ever wanted back, to have a home, a family.  All I wanted was clarity in my life.  Something that made sense, something that I could hold onto, someone I could love without a doubt and be my home.  Alex, You're my clarity.  You. Are.  My.  Home.

"She was my past and I'd like to keep it that way.  As for you, I'd like you to be my future.  Alex, I'm going to shape up and be the man you deserve.  I've stopped smoking, and I promise no more racing.  I want you more than the things that may kill me.  I've missed you.  Please come back home with me...Freckles, please be my roommate again so we can start dating."

They officially become a couple and she moves back in with him.  Things run smoothly between them for awhile.  They are on that "new romance" high.  Everything is perfect until she finds out that he has a race planned.  It was planned before they met and it's to be his last one.  She doesn't want him to do it but he has his reasons for wanting it, mainly to take care of them financially.  It's during this discussion we find out how serious he is about her.  He plans on buying a house, marrying her and having kids in the near future.  She looses her virginity to him after this talk too.

The morning of the race they fight.  They aren't on speaking terms when he leaves for the race.  She gets that dreaded message that he's been in an accident.  He called off the race at the last minute for her but was involved in a wreck when someone ran a light and hit his motorcycle.  He's in a coma with a serious head injury when she reaches the hospital.  She finds a letter to her in his jacket pocket.  The letter was sweet but heartbreaking.  It's his goodbye to her if something would have happened in the race.  He's in a coma for four days and she doesn't leave his side.  He wakes up to her sleeping beside him.

The epilogue takes place 5 years later.  They are both out of school.  They live in a nice house, he has a nice job and they are pregnant with twins.  They have the perfect life and the perfect marriage.

"Hey Dad, I found him.  I found the one who loves me with all of him.  The one who loves me for my goodness and my faults.  I didn't understand what you were saying back then, but I do now.  Now I can let you go.  I found the one you said would one day replace you.  You'll always be in my heart.

Sometimes, you don't get to decide and the roads take a turn for the worse.  I was one of the lucky ones.  My broken road led me to Alex and the life I have today, and I don't regret a thing--not a single thing.

My Elijah/Alex