Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ransom by Rachel Schurig

Ransom (Ransom Brothers, #1)** 4 out of 5 Stars **

**WARNING:  Spoilers ahead!!  Read at your own risk!!

Daisy Harris has no reason to suspect that her day will be any different than usual. She’ll go to class, alone. She won’t speak or make eye contact. She’ll spend her entire day doing her best to go completely unnoticed. That’s what life is like for Daisy now—an endless cycle of loneliness and fear. A life lived hiding behind the walls she so faithfully maintains. 

Then she sees it. A magazine, left behind in class. A simple picture—just his face. And it changes everything. 

It’s been a year since she’s seen Daltrey Ransome. A year since he and his brothers left town to pursue their dreams of rock and roll superstardom. A year since he left Daisy behind—left her to watch as everything she knew crumbled around her. She’s been running from Daltrey ever since, desperate to keep her secret.

But she can’t run anymore. And now that Daltrey has found her—the girl he’s loved his entire life, the girl he’d give up everything for—he’s determined never to let her go again.


Ransom is a short and sweet read.  You get a hot rockstar who only has eyes for one woman and a young girl whose been through a situation that has made her run away.  It's a second chance romance in a way.  They are life long friends who both are head over heels for each other.  This wasn't a normal rockstar book.  There isn't they heavy drug use, partying, drinking, groupie scenes going on.  Daltrey has eyes for Daisey and that's it.  

I like the writing style and really enjoyed getting both POV's.  The book is easy to follow and engaging.  The side characters are interesting and I wouldn't mind reading a book about the brothers.  There wasn't a lot of angst and drama but it kept me engaged.  It was a little "cookie cutter" for my tastes but I didn't really mind it.  I just perfer my books with a lot more darkness and mystery.  The epilogue was ok...I wanted more than the way it ended and I felt like it ended abruptly.  Overall it was a good book.  Is it one I'm gonna remember in two weeks?  No.  Would I recommend it to others?  Yes.  I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars.  Check it out.


Daisey has been though a rough year.  She lost the only person should could count on a year ago when he quit school and took off with his band to make the big time.  She's endured some horrible things from her peers.  She's depressed harboring her dark secret.  She's got issue with social interactions and would like nothing more than to be invisible.  She's in college and has no one.

Daltrey is the lead singer of his band Ransom.  They are just now coming into their inner rock star with the success the band has become.  He's blonde haired, blue eyed and pierced with tattoos.  He's the man every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with.  He has everything he could ever want--fame, fortune, glitz and glamour--except for the one person he wants to share it with.

Ransom begins with Daisey sitting in class when she finds a magazine.  In that magazine is a picture of the most important person in her life.  She hasn't seen or spoken to Daltrey in over a year.  He left town over a year ago to start his music career.  She misses him terribly but she's not the same girl he knew anymore.

We find out that he thinks of her daily.  She is the one who ended the friendship.  He was supposed to come home to take her to her prom but she cancelled on him.  Things were fine and then one day she just stopped answering his calls.  He doesn't understand why and he's hurt.  She's the most important person in his life.  He's been in love with her since they were 14 and nothing feels right about his success because he can't share it with her.

Daisey meets 2 girls.  Paige and Karen.  These two girls become her only friends.  She tells them that after Daltrey left she began dating a boy and he broke up with her after they slept together.  He took pictures of them and it's not long after the break up that the photos begin to surface at school and on the internet.  The girls at school are horrible.  They spread rumors and do horrible things to her.  She wasn't even able to finish school.  She tired to commit suicide and ends up spending time in a mental hospital because of it.  When she left the hospital she moved to Tennessee to go to school.  She wanted out of her home town and away from everything that has happened.  She felt ashamed and didn't want Daltrey to know what had happened so she quit talking to him.

Mean girls SUCK!!

Her friends convince her that he doesn't hate her and she should talk to him.  She sends him an email apologizing and asking him to call her.  He calls her almost immediately after receiving the email.  He's angry and wants to know why.  She won't tell him but lets him know that she will eventually.  After a few tense minutes they begin talking like they were never apart.  Her friends have plans to follow his tour over summer break.  She tells him she's planning on coming with them.  He wants her too but lets her know he's not getting his hopes up.

He finally realizes she's serious when she lets him know that she's in Boston to see his show.  The first time they are face to face it's intense.  The both just sort of stare and freeze.  He doesn't have time to talk because the show is about to start so he makes sure she's coming back after its over.  She ends up falling apart on him after the show.  He wants to know what happened to her.  She tells him most of it except for the pictures and the suicide attempt.  He's so angry.  He wants names so he can fly home and go after these people.  

He realizes that now that he has her back there is no way he's gonna lose her again.  He ends up setting it up so that they can spend the summer working in the merchandise stand and riding the tour bus with him.  She's happy and excited.  She's getting to spend a lot of time with him and his brothers.  She finally feels like she's home.  They travel to his shows all the while growing closer every day.  She realizes things are different between them.

He gets a day off in NYC and they spend it together sightseeing.  The night before she finally admits to her friends that she's been in love with him for years after they tell her it's obvious that he's in love with her.  At the end of their night he takes her up to the Empire State Building and tells her he loves her and has for years.  She kisses him and it's sweet.  He runs his hands down her arms and when he gets close to her scars she freaks out and has a panic attack.  He doesn't understand what's going on but takes her back to the hotel when she asks him to.  She runs away from him the second they return and she's packing when he finds her.  He calms her down and takes her to his room where she finally tells him everything.  After he calms down and she stops crying they officially become a couple.  She tells him she loves him and they make love.

The following morning he kisses her goodbye to go to a band meeting and doesn't come back.  Everyone is worried.  He isn't answering his phone and no one knows where he is.  He sends her a message and tells her that everything is ok and that they are ok.  He shows up right before the show.  It's obvious that he's been in a fight but she can't understand what's happened.  While he's on stage the police show up and arrest him for assault against her ex.  He disappeared by flying home and beating the crap out of the guy.  He goes to jail and she does what she always does.  She runs.  One of his best friends, Levi, takes her to his cabin in Michigan.  I have had a weird feeling about this guy from the beginning.  Not bad but something...

While there Levi tells Daltrey she doesn't want to talk and quits giving him updates on her.  Daltrey is confused and Daisey thinks he's still telling him what's going on.  Levi tells her that he's crazy about her and always has been.  He wants her to think about the life she's choosing telling her that she can choose him and he will make her happy.  This confuses her.  It takes talking to her friend to realize there is nothing to be confused about.  She reams Levi for lying to her and lying to Daltrey then she leaves the cabin and heads back to him.

He opens his door to her and she apologizes.  They talk, both apologize, and she promises to stop running away.  They make love and then he goes to his show with her at his side.

The epilogue takes place a few weeks later.  They are at an interview about an organization they have created.  Things are perfect between them.  She's on tour with him all the time.  He wasn't happy with Levi when she told him what had happened and they are no longer friends.

My Daltrey/Daisey